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Google Google has announced a large-scale partnership with several press titles around the world to provide Internet users with more qualitative information. A necessity while disinformation is wreaking havoc.

The American search engine will invest a billion dollars to create Google News Showcase, a space integrated into mobile applications (first Android, then iOS) Google News. It will present articles published by many press titles: 200 publishers have been approached in Germany, United Kingdom, Argentina, Canada, etc. Several dailies and magazines have given their approval, in particular Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Stern, and Floha from Sao Paulo. Google is continuing negotiations in other countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium and India.

As far as France is concerned, discussions are continuing. Google and French press editors are having difficulty negotiating on the application of neighboring rights, which would allow newspapers to generate income for each article taken up by Google News.

Sources Journal de l'economie.fr


If there is one category of people who stand out as the winners of the health crisis, it is that of billionaires! Their cumulative fortune exceeds 10,000 billion dollars.

The inventory of the fortunes of the ultra-rich carried out by the Swiss bank UBS and the audit firm PWC makes you dizzy: at the end of July, their cumulative fortune reached 10,200 billion dollars, or 8,676 billion euros. A record that beats the calculation made in 2017, where this fortune was estimated at 8.900 billion dollars. Billionaires are benefiting greatly from the gains made by the stock market since the indices fell in March. Certain sectors, such as technology and health, have been popular with consumers… and by investors.

The month of March caused major upheavals for some billionaires whose fortunes have melted, while others have on the contrary benefited from the stock market situation. Nevertheless, the number of billionaires jumped: the study counted 2,189 large fortunes at the end of July, this is 31 more than in 2017

Sources Journal de l'economie.fr