Flashmag Digizine Edition Issue 110 October 2020 - Page 68

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With Mylèna Ka

Mylèna Ka

October 2020

A frugal Autumn

The autumn mood is present in the freshness of the weather. The dead leaves falling in the heavy nostalgic lightness of a summer that we have not really experienced this year, challenge our being, so much has the global pandemic, froze almost everything that makes the normality of human life. This made us understand that finally, nothing is given, and that every moment, is a gift that we must know how to appreciate. Purposefully, the best way to appreciate our existence it’s also by adorning yourselves with what makes us happy. The garment before the look, embodies our being first. Feeling good about yourself, and projecting it through the sartorial comfort that exalts your person, by giving it a look that you want attractive; it’s called fashion.

This month again I propose to give you some tools to consolidate your attracting power. This fall almost everything is in the elegance of the cover. The blazer dresses, that we saw on almost every runway last season, are the ultimate outfits, which will give you a classy look, and as attractive as you want. Indulging yourself, and being attractive at the same time, remains the winning tandem of the modern cosmopolitan woman, that the majority of you can relate to.


This Maxi Jeans dress will perfectly harmonize your shapes. it’s immersed in the trend we’ve seen on catwalks this season. Puff puff sleeves, pleats, and a belt on the side under a deep neckline add a sexy touch to a garment that will give you a denting allure.

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This candy pink Blazer shorts set , plush and casual , will add warmth to your spring.


English Factory Belted Cardigan

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Naturally bright colors are among the main trends, as it was already seen in September and August 2019 in fashion shows globally. Sometimes, the color palette of spring 2020 resembles a tequila sunrise, dominated by bright orange punctuated with roses and bright yellows, like this outfit printed in dashiki which is worn on a skin-tight that underlines the fine allure of the woman. A link between the sporty and the classy.

The knits have been seen on all catwalks and they inspire our fall in this versatile long sleeve dress for day and night. A real elegant treat.

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