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At the age of 15, she started dancing for money after joining a dance group called Stingers before leaving the group for Obsessions Music Group in 2006. At Obsessions, she developed an interest in music. , recording two songs before leaving the group for a solo career in music.

In 2010, she released "Kunyenyenza", her first official single, produced by Washington with writing credit from Cindy. She then released another song called "Bulikyekola", with vocals from KS Alpha, then "Baliwa" with Coco Finger. It was with the release of "Automatic", a song written by Sizzaman, that her solo career took a major turn. After the success of "Automatic", she teamed up again with Sizzaman to release "Ice Cream" for massive circulation and positive reviews before releasing another hit single, "Twesana".

Ice Cream, the five - track EP released in 2014 that featured hit singles including "Ice Cream" and "Jordan", was well received and helped her win the Best Female Artist award at the HiPipo Music Awards. 2014 and 2015 in Uganda.

Her second Album titled Nkwatako was released in 2016, Karma will follow a year later in 2017. Since then she has released several singles including the most recent Ninda released in August 2020.

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