Flashmag Digizine Edition Issue 107 July 2020 - Page 99


SEX Manipulation in Romantic Relationships


Manipulation in an idyllic relationship does not always imply overtly aggressive behavior such as threats or intimidation, although manipulators can sometimes use these methods. Manipulation in relationships with loved ones is sometimes passive, for example, knowingly being late when you don't want to go to a place, or pretending to have forgotten something that you were supposed to do, when you didn't want to do it. It turns out that the manipulator in general, does not like to face reality, and say things clearly; also, he uses indirect and coercive methods to achieve his objectives. In intercourse or in an idyll manipulation which sometimes begins as a game of seduction, can lead to a toxic relationship, if one comes across a narcissistic partner..

Sex therapist Dr. Nikki Goldstein says that everyone is capable of some form of sexual manipulation, especially when we are dating new people.

"We are taught that sex is a weapon," she says.

"We don't just have sex because it feels good, we have sex because we try in a way to manipulate a person into monogamy or in a relationship, or to love, by having them love us."

However, Nikki adds that there are red flags to watch out for, if you suspect that your partner is a sexual manipulator seeking control or power.

“I find that men often use the emotional aspect of sex. Women are more emotionally attached during sex, so when a man does something wrong, they can try to "make love" to get away with it.

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