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For millions on the internet, the phrase “lo-fi hip-hop” conjures up a singular image: not a gleaming guitar, but a studious girl with her headphones on, focused on a school assignment. The sample-heavy yet compulsorily chill genre might be best known as a study soundtrack, but for young musicians like Keshi, it can be an eye-opening introduction to the art of beat-making and DIY music production.

Keshi is Casey Luong, a 25-year-old artist from Houston. He may not have an album out yet, but he’s already buried an old musical career. Inspired by his hero John Mayer, a teenage Keshi recorded and released music under his birth name as a guitar-wielding singer-songwriter in the vein of Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz. Keshi started a SoundCloud account under the childhood nickname and anonymous moniker Keshi, uploading intimate lo-fi hip-hop productions like If You’re Not The One For Me, Who Is?. That track won a music contest on Reddit, which helped boost Luong’s profile in the lo-fi hip-hop community.

Over Two years after, Luong gained enough traction to leave his day job as a registered nurse for a deal with Island Records. He’s also seemed to have outgrown the genre that opened new horizons for him.

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