Flashmag Digizine Edition Issue 107 July 2020 - Page 47


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Artists to follow

Keshi has become renowned in the scene of lo-fi hip-hop, a relatively new genre he describes as “a nostalgic fusion of jazz or R&B samples with very raw, and old-sounding hip-hop beats that are good for setting a mood.” But he doesn’t like to be classified as a lo-fi artist “because that would be a disservice to the really authentic artists, like the forefathers of lo-fi. But I've definitely learned a lot from it.”

It wasn’t an easy journey to get to where he is now. But it wasn’t the struggle to ‘make it’ in the traditional sense that Keshi faced. Rather, it was a battle with himself. His journey to accept that he was going to be a full-time musician came long after he garnered a loyal fanbase online. With his parents discouraging him from pursuing music, he thought it would be almost impossible.