Flashmag Digizine Edition Issue 107 July 2020 - Page 28

In your opinion, if there were lessons to be

learned from this health crisis, what would they be?

Milca: Yes, with this health crisis, I think we have to learn from it, such as paying attention to our environment which is threatened. Pay attention and take care of our closest ones, and the peoples we love because overnight life can go out. And also, it’s time to face the problems of racism and inequality that we live every day and we are witnessing without reacting. Attitudes must change and justice must do what it was created for.

You are what I call the middle generation, the one who will allow Afro-Caribbean culture to survive or disappear. Do you think that your peers whose careers started in the 2000s are quite aware of this fact? If the Kassavs and others showed you the way without ambiguity in the original quintessence of rhythms and genres, do you think that your generation shows a clear way to the one who arrives?

Milca: I think so. My generation opens a clear path to the pool of young musicians in the making, but we can only open the way, after they are free to follow and accept our advice.

If you had to give advice to hopeful artists what would you say?

Milca: If I had an advice to give to the youngest, I would even say several advices to give LOL, first of all schooling is very important, it should not be neglected. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, have interests in other areas, this opens your horizons and your spirit to be interested in the passions of others.

The lack of lucrative music activity like concerts, because of the COVID19, has taken its toll on the music industry. How do you live with this setback?

Milca: COVID 19 has dealt an unexpected big blow in all our lives !! Unemployment was not funny for everyone!

At the end of this interview do you have a word to the public? And can we expect to see Milca even in an online concert in the next few days?

Milca: A word to my audience, I love you as much as you love me, and thank you for supporting me by listening to me and buying my songs. Thank you for following me on my social networks: instagram: milcaofficiel 1 / facebook and snapchat, from all over the world it is thanks to your love, that I am still here.

Thank you, Flashmag and its readership !!

Milca Flashmag and its readership thank you for this interview.

Interview by Hubert Marlin


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