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In 2007, you received the prize for the best female performer at the Afro-Caribbean Arts Trophies. How did you take this consecration?

Milca: Receiving this trophy from the Afro Caribbean Arts was very pleasant for my artist ego, because I told myself that I existed in this musical universe, and that I obtained recognition and distinction without forgetting all the others awards I have received.

Lately there were questions in France of the withdrawal of the category world music from the Victoroires of French music. A situation that did not please Afro-Caribbean musicians such as Jacob Desvarieux, whom we received before on this page. Since then there are talks about Africans and Caribbean coming together to recreate initiatives such as TAAC which if I am not mistaken, since 2012 has not been organized, similarly the koras of African music have not been seen for years now . I know you are above all a musician, but isn’t it time for Africans and the Caribbean, French speaking to take their destiny in their own hands?

Milca: I think it's a bit of a shame that we dwell on this kind of details, when Zouk music is already going through a crisis. It is not recognized at its fair value. Let’s give it the place it deserves, and then move on to another concern. Let's deal with one issue at once . Knowing that there are many motivated and committed entrepreneurs for their community. Together it is true that efforts would yield more positive results and that, hand in hand, we would move faster.

" A l’Abri du temps" your 5th album released on May 18, 2018, is a new page in your musical history. In April 2020, it was ranked 45th on Amazon France in the world music category. How did you make this opus?

Milca: This 5th album "A l'abri du temps" is a musical work that allowed me to meet many young talents, and thus find the inspiration to concoct beautiful songs with Afro-Caribbean sounds. I took a little time to do it because it was not easy to work with musicians living abroad.

Out of the 13 tracks in the album do you have one you prefer?

Of the 13 tracks on the album, I don’t have any favorite songs, I like them all differently

During your musical composition, what inspires you the most?

Milca: What inspires me the most, is my life, and that of those around me. I observe what is happening around me, and I try to transcribe in my words what touches me as a woman.

We have seen you in several collaborations, notably with Yoan, Singuila, Passi, or Jennifer Dias and many others. What motivates you and what do you expect while collaborating?

Milca: What motivates me in my collaborations is to listen to the end result, a beautiful unforgettable song that will go into every home. I like to share my passion for music with talented artists with whom I have chosen to sing, share in the feeling, a felt atmosphere, and capture the present moment.

On a personal point, the public likes to ask questions about your private life. Is Milca married, does she have children?

Milca: No, I'm not married and I don't have children yet. Soon maybe.

You sing love, but yourself how do you live it what makes you fall in love with a guy and what you don't like on men?

Milca: For me, true love is a feeling that is difficult to control and manage on a daily basis. I like men who are neat, clean, intelligent, simple, kind and honest, respectful and tolerant as possible. (And many other things too… my list is long) LOL

What I dislike: the macho, stingy, selfish, materialistic, vulgar, who make lots of spelling mistakes and many other things but it would require a second interview on this subject… LOL

We are living in a time of great questioning with the current health crisis which has already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives around the world. How does this influence your vision of life and the world?

Milca: I think that this health crisis has called many things into question in everyone's life, and not just in mine, because we are all impacted.

I was already careful with hygiene, because I am a bit of a maniac, but I have the impression that God has to press pause in our lives so that we can each take stock.