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thereā€¦ But these are (as in all scientific research ) disappointments that researchers know well ... who, despite everything, persevere tenaciously in their work!

It is good to note that planets presenting temperatures suitable for life, with liquid water, and the sunning exactly necessary, will be very difficult to find! The more planets we discover, the more exceptional the Sun and Earth become, and the more improbable is the idea that life is everywhere possible in the Universeā€¦ This further complicates the problem of the origin of life, as certain theories proposed as coming from space! (panspermia).

In the Milky Way, everything is rather unfavorable to life. Only the solar system seems to be the exception so far. Indeed, almost everywhere in our galaxy, we can see that there are frequent explosions: more than 10 000 supernovae every million years ... but luckily, they occur quite far from us! And others, even more dangerous (hypernovas) do not reach us either; as well as the attractions of the black hole in the center of the Milky Way!

On the other hand, if we consider our solar system, five factors are on the contrary particularly favorable to life:

First, the powerful attraction of Jupiter has protected our planet from many falling comets and asteroids.

Secondly, the Moon is a very massive satellite which has particularly stabilized our axis of rotation.

Third, the steady temperature has allowed our planet to keep water abundant and at temperatures suitable for life.

Fourth, the Earth's magnetic field is a very effective protector of radiation that would otherwise prevent any form of life.

Finally, tectonic plates constantly modified the structure of seas and continents by mixing living species.

It follows therefore that the earth is an exception which must be preserved at all costs. Deist, or rationalist, one must acknowledge the fact that, if the earth exists and that an intelligent species like humans live there, it should undoubtedly raise a question, on what is humanity's mission, on a land so perfectly designed for life. It becomes absurd to think that humanity is on earth just to live on it and exploit it to the point of total destruction.

Source http://www.science-foi.org/questions