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Is the earth unique?

This is the question posed by various scientists and followers of theories on space, by gradually observing the extraordinary conditions from which we benefit on our beautiful planet! Indeed, in our galaxy only - the Milky Way - we now know that around the stars (like our Sun), billions of planets like our Earth, Mars or Venus exist ... but all different from each other, and since then none brings together all the wonderful properties of our planet!

And yet, when the Swiss astronomer from Geneva, Michel MAYOR highlighted the first planets of our galaxy, it was a fantastic hope for the countless astronomers in the world, who desperately seek proof of the existence of life everywhere in the universe…

American astronomers simultaneously declare that 60-80% of young stars present planets in formation, which are analogous to Earth.

According to statistics the Milky Way contains approximately more than one trillion planets! An astronomical figure that leaves you speechless, even if you could already suspect that - each star being like a sun - it must have naturally, planets that revolve around it- only, they remained naturally invisible, emitting no clean light. It is the genius of Michel MAYOR and his Geneva team, to have found a methodology to highlight them from our Earth, despite their enormous distance. If we now extend the statistical method to billions of other galaxies, we guess that there is a ... truly astronomical (!) Number of planets forever invisible in our Universe.

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Is the Earth Unique ?

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