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Our music works like a GPS. That’s the whole problem with the African continent, which has been brainwashed from our origins. These young people dream of going somewhere, but they don’t know where they’ve come from. That’s why you have to listen to Franco, whose music is more topical than ever. »

Ray Lema has always wanted to pass on to the new generations the heritage that has made the identity of his country. Not to turn them into museum pieces, like a folklore preserved in formaldehyde, but rather to nourish creativity again and again. His is no longer to be demonstrated to the alder of a fifty-year career that has seen him reconcile like few cultures that many oppose: the learned and the popular, the written and the improvised, the symphonic and the so-called world music, rhythms and harmonies, melody and so on… He hears in all this only one thing: Music.

This is what François Luambo Makiadi is always talking about, and his genius can be measured by the nicknames he has been given: “The Great Master“, the “Venerable Yorgho“, “The Wizard of the Guitar“… The one who brought Congolese rumba to all the dance floors of the continent, and far beyond. It would nevertheless be a limitation to Franco’s message to consider him only as a first-class ambience: his music carried the word of the common people as it spoke of the great hours of an Africa finally liberated. Everyone, the beautiful woman from Kinshasa as well as the jealous saboteur, found themselves in this verve that slalomed through the evils as her guitar dribbled between the words. Franco was saying out loud what everyone was thinking.

The album of the Live concert recorded in Kinshasa, was released on June 19th 2020. Touring fall 2020 and 2020/2021 season. . Sources : Ray Lema.com

A tribute to Franco Ray Lema


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Denai Moore is a British- Jamaican artist who rose to prominence as a guest vocalist on SBTRKT's 2014 album ‘Wonder Where We Land’. Moore was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, where she started to learn to play keyboard from her father. Her family moved to Stratford, London when she was 10. Modern Dread is the follow-up to the acclaimed We Used to Bloom (2017) but is also a huge leap forward for the artist, a unique mix of stunning rhythms and introspective, sometimes poignant, writing. Modern Dread is a journey of self-discovery for a fascinating artist.

Modern Dread -Denai Moore


With her captivating voice and richly detailed songwriting, Sarah Jarosz has emerged as one of the most compelling musicians of her generation. A three-time Grammy Award-winner at the age of 28, the Texas native started singing as a young girl and became an accomplished multi-instrumentalist by her early teens. After releasing her full-length debut Song Up in Her Head at 18-years-old, she went on to deliver such critically lauded albums as Follow Me Down, Build Me Up From Bones, and 2016’s Undercurrent, in addition to joining forces with Sara Watkins and Aoife O’Donovan to form the acclaimed Grammy winning folk trio I’m With Her. In the making of her new album World On the Ground, the New York City-based artist collaborated with producer/songwriter John Leventhal: a five-time Grammy Award-winner. On the Ground unfolds as a finely wrought collection of stories from her hometown of Wimberley, Texas (population: 2,626), presenting a series of character sketches nearly novelistic in emotional scope.

Release date March 27th 2020

World on the Ground -Sarah Jarosz