Flashmag Digizine Edition Issue 107 July 2020 - Page 110


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However, this situation would have been exhausted, along with the idea of modernity, and the transition to a new historical sequence. It is no longer an economy of images that is the foundation of power, but an economy of data. In other words, the contemporary critical question, in the era of post-modernity, would no longer be "where are the glances which are posed on us? "But" where are the sensors that monitor us? "

With the invention of interfaces and their multiplication in everyday reality, hypnosis and its imagination would have become useless; because the interface is the new way to access the other world, in the spaces of dream, of imagination, these heterotopias that Michel Foucault considered as necessary for each society. The screen that Zvengali drew before Trilby's eyes in a posture of taking power is no longer relevant, since everyone can have a screen at hand, he / she control.

Hypnosis, at least when it is thought according to the paradigm formulated by Freud, would be the symptom of a historical sequence, and the study of its presence in the cinematographic device thus makes it possible to read the birth and then the death of modernity .


Report written by Pierre Causse