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Since his work, the enchanted relation, study on cinema and hypnosis (published in Italian: La relazione d'Incanto. Studi su cinema e ipnosi, Milano, Vita e Pensiero, 2002), Ruggero Eugeni indeed considers hypnosis as a fundamental metaphor for understanding the power relation which is established within the cinematographic device. The analogy between cinema and hypnosis finds historical foundations on one part, and on the other proves to be particularly exploited by the directors themselves, who use it to put into abyme their own practice.

Ruggero Eugeni reminds us that cinema was born at a time particularly concerned with hypnosis. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, we witnessed a transformation in the production, apparatus and experience of hypnosis. Hypnosis is the object of science and medicine, becoming, under the impetus of Charcot in his Tuesday lessons at La Salpêtrière, a technique for inducing the hysterical crisis.

It is the object of justice, the magistrates seeking a legal solution to the judgments of crimes perpetuated under hypnosis (or supposed to be such). It is an object of popular culture and penetrates the imaginary, with for example the successful novel Trilby by George Du Maurier published in 1894.

Motion Pictures and Hypnosis

A less known Connection