Flashmag Digizine Edition Issue 106 June 2020 - Page 32


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Soshy: keep it real! be yourself and love yourself, follow your dreams, keep on dreaming please! it’s my way to visualize and I witnessed so many miracles, don’t ever give up on what you think is right! do it with your heart let’s do it for the next generation, for a better future, let’s enjoy life and risk things, don’t stay in your comfort zone. Challenge yourself, you can never lose! much love to you(s)

Flashmag: what is your schedule for the upcoming months?

Soshy: I’ll keep you posted anyway. thank you Flashmag long life to you and much love and respect! Can’t believe you didn’t mention my tattoos I like that! ;) ha-ha ….peace Soshy aka your shyness

Flashmag: Soshy, Flashmag is giving you big thanks for your time and pertinence…

NB: This interview was originally published in the Blog version of Flashmag two years before the release of the first album of Soshy “Crack the Code” in 2014. An Album which finally was released under the Canadian label Spheremusique.

Interview by Hubert Marlin