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Being flexible is good in this business, and it will make you learn from others who sometimes know better, but always ,please always stick to your guts!!!! I don’t consider myself artist in major, because I decided to take the “indie “way and put out my album in the states or overseas and stick to my guts! ;)

Flashmag: are you married? do you have a partner? what made you fall for him? what turn you on in general in a man, and what turn you off?

Soshy: ok so I’m not going to expand too much on my private life, but I can say that I am recently single. it feels good to find yourself again and touch your freedom lol. Thought I lost it for a second.(that’s when you know it’s not the one) you know what ,the list is long but what turn me on in a man are his eyes, smile, brain and sense of humor, maturity, consciousness and swag what turn me off are lies!!!! you lie to me once and you feel bad about it, it’s all forgotten. You lie twice, then you can do it 3 ,4 ,5 times around, then it’s all unforgiving.

Flashmag: do you think it’s compatible to be a super star and a good attentionate lover, who doesn’t fall in love all the time with different persons, but decides to stand in love for a long time with the same person?

Soshy: of course, I do think it can work together, it depends on how young or old you step into this mad but exciting way of life as an artist/musician there is not one secret to make you succeed in making it happen. You just gotta make it happens. Period! infatuation and love will nurture the woman I am and the woman I am nurtures the artist I am ,it’s all connected. So, if you’re experiencing a growing lust/love with someone and you’re on the road….one word: compromise! ;)

Flashmag: what topics inspire more your songs? are you an engaged artist because we like to say a life without causes is a life without effects what did SoShy stand for? your contribution to make a better world?

Soshy: if you have listened to my songs spread on the net(which will be part of the album),you’ll def. realize that “satisfaction/ unsatisfaction” “lies/truth” “love/lust” “social system/outcast” are my topics. I ‘m gonna heal the world, not like Michael Jackson, because I’m only my humble “me” but I know I will touch many hearts and minds to be more real and connected to their real nature. No game splayed, faces unmasked. the light will win over darkness and hate. I just want to make children, teens and adults feel good and contaminate them with a dose of love and consciousness. I’m not politically engaged per say in my album but I can talk about what I feel is going wrong in the world and debate. If I don’t know then I don’t speak

Flashmag: talking about your career how do you want people to think about you and your work? what legacy do you want to leave? your special print in sum?

Soshy: I will never speak or think instead of people, after reading this interview and listening to my songs, they’ll be able to say what they like to think when they think about me and my work I do it for them the people, not just for fame, or I would have been famous earlier doing something that isn’t me! I do it for the people and for me. I think they know that! and I’ll keep on showing love like they show me love every day, my fans are awesome I love them I want more people to sing for, perform, travel, and spread the word! soon soon…it’s all gods’ plan anyway ;)

Flashmag: you reside now in Los Angeles why did you choose live there? did you feel it’s the right place to be? how do you feel about the city?

Soshy: I grew up partly in New York so I’m definitely more of a new Yorker than Los Angeles, I initially moved there a few years ago because my label and manager were there. I actually start to think about where I can go now .I like to move around and it’s time to maybe fly toward some new places. Depends also on where the album will take me! music first!

Flashmag: as we are closing the debate do you have any question in any topic I didn’t ask; you feel I should have asked?

Soshy: no. you were pretty sharp, original and nice. Thank you dear ;)lol

Flashmag: a word, a phrase to the readership of Flashmag and your fans?