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pop goes in many directions and truth is I don’t have control on what’s out there or not! if I think that some projects out these days deserve that big of a buzz? absolutely not lol. But I won’t give any names. I’m too good at beefs (joke) hahahaha

Flashmag: Did you keep the upper hand in the making of your debut album does it reflect the idea you have of your work,? by who, is this album produced? ( Editor’s notes the Album in question was released in 2014 under Sphere musique a Canadian label)

Soshy: So far, the songs are produced by Ione ,who’s my musical partner for years now, we’ve been through everything together. some other names will be part of it but I can’t really talk about it now that I’m in the middle of making and finishing. Yes, I have the upper hand and like to have a minimum of control over what I do because we’re talking about my babies here so it’s like my blood you’re messing with! lol .however, I believe and always did that a dream team is all you need to win!

Flashmag: one of the real debate now about the music industry is that it`s easier to make commercials music that won't last than real music from the heart that will last longer in people mind, do you think it’s accurate?

Soshy: yes it is, the economy is crashing, music industry is suffering and we, artists can feel the pain too! all I can say despite the fact that I don’t validate this new way of putting out singles like it’s gonna die tomorrow, I wanna take it the positive way and want to believe that it will help real music to be heard again, for those who will get tired of lack of depth….to be continued ;)

Flashmag: what is your plan to keep your special touch when we know most of the music we are listening is coming from the same major production companies that mean more or less the same sounds with different people? don’t you think too much formatting of the music by these big companies is undermining ingeniosity of artists?

Soshy: well, half of this question is answered above but I’d say that when you are a true artist, on a mission with a special message to channel, you can’t let professional strangers mold your babies the way they see it if you don’t have the same vision.


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Soshy answering Question during the American music avard 2019