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I remember a few years behind, I used to be inspired by sad stories in my life, i guess my sorrows were “nurturing” my art yet breaking my heart I decided after too much of this, that my job was to write positive yet real concept songs ,talking about real things(sad or happy) with a smile «over again», a glimpse of sarcasm «honest liar” ,my solitude “city of angels” and so on i realized my own music was healing me and helped me gain more strength so I figured it may have the same effect on people, because we all can relate to love, sadness, hope, laughter, tears, resentment, accomplishment ...etc. in other words, my life, and “their” lives, news on TV, a break up, infatuation, a commercial, or just looking at nature or thinking about the world inspires me it might sound cheesy but depends on how you tell the story. i can also go through major writing blocks. well, then I just call my angels and stay patient ‘til the next song! i have to say that overall, listening to many artists, new, old is the best way to open your mind and by extension, become a source of inspiration I love artists, I also love to write for them. I love music under all of its forms. I’m critical yet very tolerant with any genre or style as long as it’s real, not too dark and heartfelt!!!!

Flashmag: who were your model artists, as a growing young musician?

Soshy: my models? very eclectic I have to say from bob Marley (he could change the world with a simple song...(I wish the recipe was somewhere to find ha-ha), Betty Davis the fonk singer, she released an album in 74(I wasn’t born yet )called “nasty gal”.it changed my life. Janis Joplin, Stevie, Michael Jackson, Motown, Stax, rock bands like Rolling stones, Queens age, Aerosmith(old albums ‘toys in the attic. «rats in the cellar», «back in the saddle” were sick albums) ,jazz of course, Chet baker, Nina Simone, the queen of all Queens, Aretha, Johnny Cash and last but not least the band “yes». I had the chance to be part of the tour owner of a lonely heart in 85,my dad took me with him it was magical!

Flashmag: can you remember what your feeling was, when for the first time of your career you took the stage for a major event? where was it? with whom and for what occasion ?

Soshy: well, some people who know my work or my name will think the American music awards 2 years ago. it might have been major as of exposure etc. but I wanna pick the first time i performed at the viper room in los Angeles, such a legendary spot. I remember it was in 2005,it was packed and i only rehearsed once with a band I didn’t know lol it wasn’t as sharp as i wanted but it was one of my first “throwing yourself in the arena without protection” kind of live experience! loved it.

Flashmag: how did you come to meet Timbaland? a word about his touch in your work?

Soshy: I met Timbaland when i was signed at Sony NY around 2004,i was working in the same recording studio, the hit factory in Miami and we met and clicked, talked music and stayed in touch ‘til the day he expressed the wish to sign me and tried something together. I already had most of the material for my album and kept on writing with the crew. But then I stepped in" shock value2" album and we created “morning after dark” which became his first single I featured him on.

Flashmag: what is your point of view about the general state of the R'n'B, hip hop, and rap? because for some like Nas’, the hip hop is not far from giving up do you think he is right?

SOSHY: it’s not about giving up, and I don’t know if I’m the right person to ask, but my opinion is that movements like rock ,hip hop have been so very far in creativity styles, sounds, colors, flavors, concepts, topics, arts. it just becomes trickier and trickier to recycle without sounding like you’re trying to copy what you heard and grew up with for years. that’s the difference between real creators and recyclers, i respect both but i definitely give much respect to those who have the balls to create something at the risk to shock, disappoint, or look stupid. hip hop is not dead as long as one rapper that we know of or don’t know yet, is cooking something fresh in the lab, same thing for rock I wanna see bands and guitar heroes come back to life!!!! don’t you???

Flashmag: Do you think the pop music is going in the right direction?

Soshy: pop music is a safe way for any recycling artist to exist, shine and be recognized. why do we have to put labels on everything ,it’s just uptight state of mind. but if you think of pop in its noble sense as fusion, hybrid music, back to real music or retro‐futuristic music(which is the definition I found for my sound btw), well I would say that