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Considered one of the most important drug traffickers in Mexico and in the world. El Chapo's presumed sons belong to this new generation who, unlike the discreet style of their predecessors, like to flaunt their wealth and their notoriety. Their Twitter accounts are full of photos of young people at luxurious parties, surrounded by attractive women , exotic animals, bundles of cash, and assault weapons. These accounts, which have tens of thousands of followers, have also been used to defend El Chapo’s reputation and call for demonstrations of support after his arrest.

Also from Sinaloa, there was Claudia Ochoa, nicknamed the Kim Kardashian of the Mexican drug cartel by her resemblance to the wife of the American rapper Kanye West, or "Empress of Los Antrax", her pictures on Twitter carrying pink AK-47 custom made, and the claims of her apparent leadership of the militant branch of the Antrax cartel of Sinaloa, caused a sensation and even appealed to uninhibited feminists. Claudia Ochoa died of an apparent overdose on September 14, 2019

In Palermo, land of the Italian mafia, the phenomenon of social networks is not to be outdone, the new Sicilian mafiosi do not hesitate to show off on social networks. An attitude that makes many observers believe that the underworld might be ailing, if it allows itself to sacrifice the secret which is its cardinal stone.

In Japan, the legendary criminal group known as Yakuza has created its own web page. The site was launched to remind Yamaguchi-gumi members to behave better, and to convince the public that Yamaguchi-gumi is not "an anti-social force", but rather a "humanitarian organization".

There are 21 organized crime groups in Japan known as the yakuza - each has their own company logo, desk, and business cards. The groups are patriarchal pseudo-family organizations structured like a pyramid, with the highest boss known as oyabun a "father figure" and those under him, are known as kobun ["children"]. They each control different regions of the country.

Beyond using the Internet for public relations purposes, criminal groups are investing in intelligence tools to maximize their profit with new technologies. They use the information available online to kidnap, extort and intimidate enemies, authorities and journalists. Several media have reported that the Mexican drug cartels are actively recruiting engineers and computer specialists. don't use traditional recruiting tools.

But they don't use traditional recruiting tools. In the past 4 years, several of these experts have been kidnapped in Mexico and are suspected to be working as slaves for drug trafficking organizations.

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