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Nevertheless, I surround myself and get help, because we do not always have all the skills for everything, but you must never stop learning. So, I fight, as we say, back home.

Spring is almost there despite the gloomy news of the global pandemic; Nash people Show is there; any surprise in the hat for its fans? And does your company have new programs in the works if yes which ones?

Nash: First of all, I am personally very affected by this coronavirus pandemic. I have lost loved ones and have still not recovered. The world is going through a sad time. With all my heart I really hope that we get over these hard times.

As for the news on NASH PEOPLE TV, the new season of NASH PEOPLE SHOW is getting ready, broadcasts will resume shortly. New programs are in the works, because I like to innovate and respond to public demand, which I know is very demanding.

At the end of this interview, do you have a special word for the public?

Nash: I sincerely say THANK YOU to my audience who have carried me since the creation of my media. Thank you to all these celebrities who made me and trust me, my team who works hard by my side, and all the other media like FLASHMAG which contributes to my exposure. It is by far the most intelligent and interesting interview I have had so far, and it thrills me. Thank you so much. Stay connected on my Facebook page: Nash People Tv! I love You all.

Nash Flashmag! and its readership thank you for this cordial and open interview.

Interview by Hubert Marlin






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