Flashmag Digizine Edition Issue 105 May 2020 - Page 33

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Nash: I would say both, positive competitiveness in information given the speed of international dissemination of information on the internet. But on the other hand, it did make the information less reliable for the public somewhere. However, I think that professionals always know how to find the right information. It is essential to check and go to the sources, it is very important.

Manipulation of Machiavellian information by people why shady motive does not help, and it can have dire consequences for the public and the world. Note, television does the same. It is often piloted by powers in the shadows. Everything becomes a little complicated, only wary peoples make the difference. Social medias are a double-edged sword.

Have you ever refused to program a personality in your show? what are the selection criteria to be aired in your program?

Nash: Yes of course. I do serious work, and I wish to have confirmed guests in their art and by the public. Beyond my personal favorites, I make shows above all for the public, I like to have on my set people who have already been validated by the public, by their work. What I deplore are people who absolutely want to be known, therefore put the star mania before art work. You have to know how to make your way, nourish your projects, work, fall, get up and continue. Because great victories are preceded by great fights.

Now in a providential way, it happens that one may have a talent which moves from the first draft, and that one is to be watched; it's clear.

To be in the program, the selection is based on a number of criteria: if it is an artist, it will be based on the quality of his work, his visibility, his professionalism, the scope of his works, its topicality, its originality, and the impact he (she) can have on the public who is ultimately the decision maker.

If it is a completely different person, we will assess the relevance of his story, the interest that it may have for the public, if it is current, or if simply it can impact in one way or another the audience following us. We also do promotions, advertising, etc.…!

For any interview request, send a letter, your press-book, or the subject of the interview, to nash.people.tv@gmail.com, and the staff will make the selection.

The made by Blacks or Africans, still suffers from major defect, which is not always its quality, but often the little interest of the black community in the works of its own members. How do you make up for this glaring defect? Because you have to stop believing that what is done by Afros is free or of poor quality?

Nash: I think mentalities are awakening, Africans understand the social and economic interest in consuming Made By Black, but a wakeup call is needed . Many European countries are also in this process. Besides, President Macron recently in one of his speeches clearly invited the French to consume French.

Africans have a big purchasing power, and we have to consume made by black, to expand our economy. For the "Made by Black" to really take off, manufacturers and sellers must not above all, behave with customers as if they were in conquered territory. It is important to use the usual proven methods, communication, advertising with audiovisual media, ambassadors etc ...! Bet on quality, originality, create needs, and stories around their products. Because the customer does not only buy a product, but also buys a story.

I take this opportunity and reiterate my call to the community to encourage the brothers and sisters to consume MADE BY BLACK.

You are a public woman, does this influence your private life? on the heart side, for example, requests from potential lovers, should normally flow, since you are well-known . How do you manage all these attentions from men?

Nash: To be honest, this is the aspect of my job that I take the least seriously. It makes me smile, it's touching to see that these gentlemen have eyes that shine when they see me. I receive a lot of love letters, marriage proposals, flirting, etc., it's touching. But I'm not the kind of woman you’ll flirt with, you should seduce me and tame me. I am a difficult woman, who knows what she wants.

You are not only presenter but also CEO of your company is it easy to find a perfect balance between business and profession?

Nash: I want to tell you that it runs through my veins. Laughs ...

Honestly, you have to love efforts, love what you do, being passionate. I made the choice to fight for something that initially was my hobby, to make it my job. So sincerely I don't count my hours.