Flashmag Digizine Edition Issue 105 May 2020 - Page 32

You are part of what is commonly called the African diaspora, compared to Africa and your country of origin; according to you what would be the best contribution of the African diaspora in the West, for the development of the continent; apart from transfers that are more like infusions that solve basic short-term problems?

Nash: first I will congratulate the diaspora, because it does so much for the continent. I live here in the West and I know how life is not that easy.

 Besides, if I had a wish, I would invite the diaspora to invest more in Africa, in different sectors of activity. But I can also understand their reluctance, when you have a country that consumes more than 60% of foreign goods for your its needs, when you are racketed everywhere when you want to set up any project in the country, when the authorizations, must be paid for. I'm not teaching you anything, about corruption, but I think that certain authorities in my country must simplify things, work for common interests, and encourage the diaspora to contribute in economic projects undertaken in the country.

There are many who want to return and develop the country; but it will not happen without government support.

How do you define yourself as a freelance journalist or an alternative media promoter?

Nash: My job defines me as a journalist, because I collaborate in writing articles for my media, various presentations and interviews. I have studied communication, which gives me another status, and I am also a trained, producer, director, and audiovisual technician.

The work sometimes speaks for itself, and the numerous awards I receive confirm the quality and scope of my work. At this point, according to those who praise me, and to my knowledge, I am the most awarded diaspora woman in the audiovisual industry. The prices speak for themselves.

Nowadays with internet with a medium-scale production unit we can have results as important as heavy artillery media like CNN, TF1, or RTL, as long as we have the primacy of the info and that we can market it. Do you think social media has brought more positive competition in information sources, or has it simply made information reliability more difficult?


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Thalie Nash and her production crew