Flashmag Digizine Edition Issue 105 May 2020 - Page 16


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Since, discord in democracy always lead to totalitarianism, In the West the regime of technological terror which is likely to arrive, will work for the exclusive safeguard of the oligarchy, and the resulting social divide will eventually put an end to the golden age of the West, and will irreversibly transfer the center of influence of the economic world to Asia.

The beginnings of this end of the world, are now visible in the bumpy relations of the superpower of the western world that is the United States, with organizations like the United Nations, or the world health organization which have however been for more 50 years , the essential tools for the implementation of its leadership, which made more casualties than gains in the management of world’s affairs, when one takes stock of the losses of human lives, and the global condition of humanity for the past 50 years.

Ultimately if some thought that we were moving towards a united world order under the same banner of solidarity after the pandemic, it is easy to understand now that there will be a continuation of a world pitted into block of interests, and this time it is those who have often been considered as villains by Western propaganda, namely the heirs of the former communist block who seem to be winning the battle of hearts and minds.

When the American administration diverts convoys of medical supplies, of the other countries including its allies, and especially persists in destroying in an unjust embargo the little thumb Cub Cuba, which however through its squad of doctors, helps the whole world during this period of health crisis, the western leadership with its rogue state methods, sees its popularity rating tarnished, more than ever. The omnipresence of these bellicose tendencies which began to be more unbearable, with the invasion of American troops in Panama under the administration of George H. Bush in 1991, which had seen the Kidnapping of General Noriega, the ousting of Bertrand Aristide in Haiti in 2004, the invasion of Iraq in 2003 that witnessed the hanging of Saddam Hussein, the assassination in 2011 of Gaddafi in Libya, and more recently in Iran with the savage execution of General Soleimani, the blockade against Venezuela and the manhunt of the Trump administration against the Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, who like Noriega, or Aristide is unilaterally charged with drug trafficking by Washington, forever enshrined the United States as the absolute evil leadership. An identity that the country will find it difficult to undo, especially if one goes back in its history which is not very bright either.

Logically, there are those who find that the end of the American dominion over the world would be a good thing; and even if they don't like China or Russia, countries where dictatorial trickery on locals is legion and anti-African racism,

disgusting, it is normal for them to hope for a counterweight, a check and balance that will save the essential: human lives, that eugenics attempts of an American billionaire seem to desecrate, in his attempts to dictate the right to live or die of peoples, which only adds to the anti-American grumbling overall.

Hubert Marlin