Flashmag Digizine Edition Issue 102 February 2020 - Page 16


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It is an oligarchic totalitarianism that is imposing itself in the Western world. The submission of Western nations to an erroneous doxa, or popular way of thinking, induced by the manipulation of masses, confirms the idea that totalitarianism will be an internationalism, which has, as vector, economic and financial globalization.

As Plato said democracy is one of the last stages of the decline of the ideal state, because it always brings tyrants, and the tyranny of capitalism is spreading boldly on the ruins of democracy. When other thinkers such as Jacques Attali consider that the 2020 decade will see the fall of democracies, the savvy observer understand that it will not spare anyone, not even the richest. If democracy seems to be laudable in its principle of freedom of thought, which can be found in parliamentary monarchies, as well as in single parties, or in enlightened despotisms, its instrumentalization for mercantile and imperialist ends will have precipitated its decline.

Hubert Marlin