Flashmag Digizine Edition Issue 102 February 2020 - Page 14


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In this picture, no one wants to evoke the fact that the impoverishment of the masses of countries of the southern hemisphere, is only the direct consequence of the anarchic exploitation of resources of these countries by the West, while the existence of dictatorships is the result of Western policy which has always maintained dictatorial regimes in the southern hemisphere as allies to protect its interests. This ambivalence, a sort of insolent dichotomy, helps to bring discredit to democracy, that some people rightly or wrongly, see as another mean of pressure of the strong against the weak.

The events of the beginning of the 21st century on the international political scene brought a total discredit on the authority, probity, morality, and confidence of peoples of the world, towards western nations. Interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, after September 11, 2001 have exploited the notion of democracy in order to satisfy imperialist interests that are not commendable.

With Western leaders tricking or overriding the resolutions of democratic bodies such as the United Nations or national parliaments to carry out acts of war unilaterally, as was the case with the bombing of Libya in 2011 by the American president at the time Barack Obama, or the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani by the Donald Trump on January 3, 2020.

The interventionism of Western powers to impose democracy and human rights is increasingly seen as a joke that serves wacky interests. It is thus logical to think that through the right of humanitarian interference the Western powers are armed with a hammer which transforms into a nail which must be driven in, bent to their desires, or broken, any state recalcitrant to the neoliberal doctrine,