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How do you see social networks as a motivation or a simple ally that allows you to be seen and better followed?

Rama Barry: Basically, I considered social media to be a low-end vector. It is clear that I was wrong. Arriving late, I now think that social networks are indeed the most powerful communication vehicle for our profession, where I even got to know my former colleagues better and discover very inspiring models.

The job of model is not always obvious and in general, it only last for the time of youth. Do you think about converting to another field?

Rama Barry: Yes, absolutely! And to reveal a little secret to you, I am currently in the process of retraining in order to devote myself more fully to my main job… “Stay tuned”!

With age and experience, I learned to no longer take everything seriously, but especially I support the generation that follows me.

If you had to give some advices to younger women who want to get into the profession what will you say?

Rama Barry: I don't think I am contradicted by the fact that perseverance is a good basis when embarking on such a complicated profession. And, it can help you overcome moments of loneliness if none of your kin supports you.

Otherwise, this is a chance because you will have the opportunity to ask for valuable advices from people who can objectively analyze your situation. And do not hesitate because those who start are unfortunately the first victims of unhealthy people!

At the end of this interview do you have a special word for the public?

Rama Barry: I hope that everyone who has taken the time to read my interview will find inspiration to believe in their dreams, and do their utmost to achieve them, while respecting their own principles!

I thank Flashmag and Mylèna for granting me this interview and for asking such relevant questions. I really enjoyed this moment with you!

Interview by Mylena Ka.

Interview by Mylena Ka

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