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Hello, Edem, and welcome to Flashmag’s fashion page!

Edem: Hello, thank you for giving me this chance to be featured in your Magazine.

So, you were born in Togo. When you arrived in France, did you have any idea that you would become a model? How did you find out about fashion?

Yes, I was born in Togo and I have been living in France since July 2011. I have always loved the fashion world, fashion shows, I have posed for magazines and various photographers. I discovered this world through fashion magazines, social media, and television. And of course, models of African descent have greatly inspired me. Rebecca Ayoko from Togo, Esther Kamatari, Katoucha Niane, Grace Jones, Alex Wek and of course Naomi Campbell, remain references for me.

You are a model whose photo campaigns are seek by many. How being a model affected your personal life?

It didn't really affect my life as such ... and after all it's a matter of self-confidence.

For example, requests from potential boyfriends may have become more numerous somewhere, (laughs) how do you manage all this?

Edem: Yes, I have to sort through a lot, but in general I do not pay attention.

It’s often said that models must follow a strict diet. Is it the case for you?

For my part, I sometimes try to pay attention to it (laughs), because I really like to eat. I am not on a strict diet. But hey, I'm catching up with the gym.

You are of African origin in your opinion how your origin influences your career. Is there anything special that photographers like when they choose you for campaigns?

Yes, my skin color must surely play a part on it, and my natural side too, because I'm not really 100% wig and makeup.

One style that always makes models chilly; is the nude. For you what is it, eroticism or art? Is nude a form of assertion of femininity?

It's more like art, but unfortunately many people find it difficult to have the same angle of view as mine. The nude is always delicate, but it’s a way to express my femininity and to be aware of my body.

You are one of the muses of Emilio, a photographer based in the Paris region if you had to say a word about this partnership, what would you say?

He’s a real professional. A photographer who pulls his models up, he’s always looking for perfection in everything he does and he puts you in confidence by making you believe in your potential.

The job of model is not always obvious and in general it only lasts for the time of youth. Do you think of converting to another field?

Being a model is not 100% my priority, it is a plus for me, because I have another job. After, if I have a good career so much the better. I know it won't last long. But in the fashion world we all have a place; you just have to believe in it and work to find it.

At the end of this interview do you have a special word for the public?

Always believe in yourself, in your dreams and ignore unhealthy criticism, because we all have potential somewhere. We must just have to find it and use it wisely.

Edem, Flashmag and its readership thank you for this interview. Good luck in your endeavor.

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Interview by Hubert Marlin