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Edem - zoom on a pearl

Flashmag! Start the year on a pretty note, by putting the spotlight on a young model whose presence is the epitome of style and beauty. Edem resides in the rose city of Toulouse, which is located in the South of France, in the axis of confluence between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which allows a melting pot of populations in an attractive space. Everything that looks alike comes together, so the geographic attractiveness could only make one with the physical attractiveness of the population. Women from the southern France are generally considered to be prettier, and despite her African origins Edem lives in an environment that certainly suits her. In an interview with the editorial staff of Flashmag! Edem tells us how a young woman born in Togo discovered France and modeling to make it her profession. Communication in Policies of the City and leisure in Paris. Returning fully to music after her university studies, Körinn will take some drama lessons at the Reine Blanche, a reputed drama school in France, which will be useful in her scenic stance. From 2010, Körinn will be noted in the underground music circles of Paris with singles such as Ou Fò or Limiè which translated the depth, and the plurality of her artistic genius with vocals in Creole language that proves her attachment to her terroir.