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assert the legitimacy of their fight, because as in the English-speaking area of Cameroon, in the Nigerian Biafra, or in the Malian Azawad, these movements will suffer, in a blatant manner a discredit, because of their real or supposed sponsorship by the decadent Western empire. In any case one thing is sure, the third world war which started in 2001 with the events of September 11 in New York, is asymmetrical, it is fought on the military plan with terrorist puppets which give way to the western militarist expansion , and economically with economic embargoes like those on Iran, the freezing of assets of regimes deemed hostile, the manipulation of aid and economic treaties like AGOA, and the famous economic war between China and the United States. From now on, electronic warfare and the hyper-sophisticated arms race will have to be added.

When some thinkers in the West claim that it is legitimate to wage war on others in order to prosper, many, refuse to see that a country like China over the past 30 years has experienced rapid development without invading or colonizing other countries supposed weaker. While the economic motive remains predominant in the vectors of war, for this world to survive it is important that the paradigm of profit by hatred be replaced by peaceful cooperation faithful to the doctrine of mutual gain.

Hubert Marlin