FL ARCHIVED June 2017 - Page 17

Market Action Report County: Pasco Pasco County Agent Name Title Phone Agent Name Website Title Other Price Range: All | Properties: SFH - Con Phone Month Website $240,000 Other Market Profile & Trends Overview Median Price of - Con all Current Listings Price Range: All List | Properties: SFH LM Trending versus*: L3M PYM LY 4% 20% $282,965 Trending 4% versus*: 18% Month LM -1% L3M 6% PYM 12% LY $190,000 $240,000 4% 1% 4% 20% 9% $203,318 $282,965 2,298 4% -4% 18% -14% $190,000 -1% 6% 12% 17% 1,161 2% 11% $203,318 1% 4% 9% 14% 51 -11% -9% -7% 2,298 -4% -14% $117 3% 4% 14% 1,161 2% 11% $107 2% 3% 11% 51 -11% -9% -7% -19% $117 2.0 3% -6% 4% -9% 14% -22% 14% 96.0% .7% .6% $107 2% 3% 11% .6% 14% Average List Price of all Current Listings Market Profile & Trends June Median Sales Price Overview Median List Price of all Current Listings June Average Sales Price Average List Price of all Current Listings Total Properties Currently for Sale (Inventory) June Median Sales Price June Number of Properties Sold June Average Sales Price June Average Days on Market (Solds) Total Properties Currently for Sale (Inventory) Asking Price per Square Foot (based on New Listings) June Number of Properties Sold June Sold Price per Square Foot June Average Days on Market (Solds) June Month's Supply of Inventory Asking Price per Square Foot (based on New Listings) June Sale Price vs List Price Ratio June Sold Price per Square Foot * LM=Last Month / L3M=Last 3 Months / PYM=Same Month Prior Year / LY=Last Year (2016) / YTD = Year-to-date June Month's Supply of [™[ܞB’[™HØ[HšXÙHœÈ\ÝšXÙH˜][ŠˆOS\Ý“[۝ È ÓOS\ÝŒÈ[۝È ÈSOTØ[YH[۝š[܈YX\ˆ ÈOS\ÝYX\ˆ Œ MŠH ÈUHYX\‹]ËY]B”›Ü\B”Ø[\Œ‹Œ M‰BŽM‹Œ H ÉB•™[™[™È™\œÝ\ʎ‚”š[܈U M B”š[܈YX\ˆ BŒMÉHU‰ MÍK LÍBŒM B‰ NLK M ‚ŒLIBÉB‰ MÍK LÍBŒM BK ͍‰ NLK M ‚ŒLIBŒÉH BÉB‹LNIBN LL‰BŒM B‰ LL‚ŒL‰BK ͍ŒÉBŒM B‰ L ‚ŒLÉBN LL‰B‹N B‹LÍIH LL‚Œ‹Â‹LM BŒL‰BŽIBŒK H L ˆMKŒ‰BŒLÉH IHIB‹N BŽIBŽIB‹LL BŒ BŒÈ[È]™Â“[X™\ˆو›Ü\Y\ÈÛÛŒÈ[È]™ÂŒK ”šXÙ\Ž ÌBŽ ÌBŒM•HYYX[ˆØ[\ÈšXÙH[ˆ[™HØ\È NL \ LKŽ Hœ›ÛB”šXÙ\‰ MÌ [ˆ[™Hو Œ Mˆ[™Ýۈ ŽIHœ›ÛH NLK ÍL\ÝŒ •B“YYX[‚”Ø[\”šXÙHØ[\š[ˆ[™BØ\È[‚‰ NL ŒLKŽ Hœ›ÛB›[۝ ‚•B]™\˜YÙB”šXÙB’[™HØ\È\‰ Œ Ë ÌN \KIB‰ MÌ š[‚’[™B›Ù‚ŒŒ M‚˜[™™ÝۂŒ ŽIB™œ›ÛB‰ NLK ÍL›\Ý™œ›ÛH N K Í È[ˆ[™Hو Œ Mˆ[™\ IHœ›ÛH Œ ‹ ŒÌÈ\ÝŒ  ŒŒ›[۝ ‚]™\˜YÙB”Ø[\ÈØ\”šXÙB’[™BØ\È Œ Ë ÌN \KIB›[۝ ˆB’[™BŒŒ MÈTÔ˜][‚BšYÚ\Ý›]™[ÛÛ\\™YŒŒ ™œ›ÛB’[™B›Ùˆ Œ Mˆ[™\ IHœ›ÛH Œ ‹ ŒÌÈ\Ý ŒŒ’[™H N K Í Â›Ùˆ Œ Mˆ[‚˜[™ŒŒ MK‚›[۝ ˆ[™H Œ MÈTÔØ\È]HYÚ\Ý]™[ÛÛ\\™YŒŒ  N ŒMBŽNNÍŒ’ˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHH‚ŒMŒMBŒM‚ŒM’ˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHH‚ŒŒŒŒ ŒŒ   Œ Œ Ž ˜[™ Œ MKˆ[™HUØ[\Èو K ͍\™H[›š[™È ˍ HZXYق›\ÝYX\‰ÜÈYX\‹]ËY]HØ[\Èو K MÍ˂•™[™[™È™\œÝ\ʎ‚”š[܈Uš[܈YX\‚–U‹NIH LŒ‰H LÍIBŒ‹È LM B‹LL B›ÙˆMKŒ‰B”›Ü\Y\‹‰H ‰H[X™\‚ŒK BŒIHÛÛ BŒK ’[™H›Ü\HØ[\ÈÙ\™H K MŒK\ LKŒ Hœ›ÛH K ˆ[ˆ[™HقŒŒ Mˆ[™ ‹ HYÚ\ˆ[ˆH K LÍØ[\È\Ý[۝ ˆ[™BŒK Œ ”›Ü\BŒŒ MÈØ[\ÈØ[\Ù\™H]Z\ˆYÚ\Ý]™[ÛÛ\\™Yȝ[™Hو Œ Mˆ K ’[™BœØ[\Ù\™BŒK MŒKŒLKŒ BŒK ˆ ˍ Bš[ˆ[™B›ÙˆقŒK ˜[™›Ü\BŒŒ MKˆ[™B–UœØ[\›و\K ͍˜\™Hœ›ÛBœ[›š[™Â˜ZXYŒŒ M‚˜[™ ‹ BšYÚ\ˆ[‚HقŒK LÍœØ[\È\Ý[۝ ˆ[™BŒK Œ ›\ÝYX\‰ÜžYX\‹]ËY]BœØ[\K MÍ˂ŒŒ MÈØ[\ÈÙ\™H]Z\ˆYÚ\Ý]™[ÛÛ\\™Yȝ[™Hو Œ M‚Ž ’[™Hو Œ Mˆ[™ Œ MK‚’[™H Œ MÛÛ[][š]H[™›Ü›X][ۈØÚÛÛ\ÝšXÝ“X\šÙ]XÝ[ۈ™\ܝÛÝ[Nˆ\ØÛ’[™H Œ M“YYX[ˆØ[\ÈšXÙB˜[™]™\˜YÙHØ[\ÈšXÙBŒM‚ŒM“YYX[ˆØ[\ÈšXÙH[™]™\˜YÙHØ[\ÈšXÙBŒÈ[È]™ÂŒÈ[È]™ÂŒN  MŒŒMŒ M ŒM  LŒŒLŒ L ’ˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHH‚ŒL ŒMHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆH MˆHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHH MÈH‚’ˆH MÈȈˆˆBŒMŒMBŒM‚ŒM’[™[ܞH ˆTÒB•Ý[[™[ܞH ˆ[۝ ÜÈÝ\Hو[™[ܞH TÒJB•Ý[[™[ܞH ˆ[۝ ÜÈÝ\Hو[™[ܞH TÒJBŒŒ MK‚ŒËŒ‹ŒKŒ Œ•HÝ[[™[ܞB’[™[ܞB‰ˆTÒHو›Ü\Y\È]˜Z[X›H›ÜˆØ[H\Èو[™B L •B’[™[ܞB›Ùˆ›Ü\Y\˜]˜Z[X›B™›ÜˆØ[B˜\ÈÝۂ›Ùˆ[™BØ\ÈÝ[Œ‹ ŽN ™Ýۈ ŒIB™œ›ÛH ‹ ÎM›\Ý[۝˜[™ŒLˍ‰BØ\Œ‹ ŽN ™Ýۂ ŒIHق™œ›ÛB›[۝™Ýۈ Lˍ‰B™œ›ÛBŒ‹ Œš[ˆ[™B›\Ý ‹ ÎMžYX\‹ˆ\Ý’[™BŒŒ MÈ[™’[™[ܞBØ\È]]È L    Ë L ™œ›ÛBŒ‹ Œš[ˆÛÛ\\™Y’[™Hو\ÝÚ]žYX\‹‚’[™B›ÝÙ\Ý›]™[’[™B›Ùˆ Œ MŒŒ Mˆ[™[ܞB˜[™ Œ MKˆØ\È]]ÂŒË L  Ë ›ÝÙ\Ý]™[ÛÛ\\™YÚ][™Hو Œ Mˆ[™ Œ MK‚ŒË  ‹ L Œ‹ L  ‹ Œ‹ HÛÛ\\˜]]™[HÝÙ\ˆTÒH\È[ܙH™[™YšXÚX[›ÜˆÙ[\œÈÚ[HH K L ŒK L HYÚ\‚˜ÛÛ\\˜]]™[B›ÝÙ\ˆ›Ü‚“TÒH^Y\œË‚š\È[ܙHB˜™[™YšXÚX[™›ÜˆÙ[\œÂŒK “TÒH\È™]\‚’[™H Œ M“TÒHÚ[B›Ùˆ ‹ŒBŒK šYÚ\ˆTÒH\È™]\ˆ›Üˆ^Y\œËˆH[™H Œ MÈTÒHو ‹ŒL ›[۝ÈØ\È]]ÈÝÙ\Ý]™[ÛÛ\\™YÚ][™Hو Œ Mˆ[™L ›[۝ÈØ\È]]ÈÝÙ\Ý]™[ÛÛ\\™YÚ][™Hو Œ Mˆ[™ŒŒŒ MK‚ŒËŒŒ‹ŒŒKŒŒ ŒËŒ‹ŒKŒ ŒŒËŒŒ‹ŒŒKŒŒ Œ’ˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHH‚’ˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHH‚ŒMBŒM‚ŒMŒM MŒMBŒM‚ŒMÛÜ\šYڐÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚”™\ÚY[X[‘\Ý]B‹ÈÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚•[š]Y ”™X[ܜ”šXÙH˜[™ÙN‚[›Ü\B•\\΂”Ñ’ HÛۂÛÜ\šYÚ°ªH0ªBÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚”™\ÚY[X[”™X[™X[‘\Ý]B‹ÈÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚•[š]Y ”™X[ܜŸšXÙH˜[™ÙN‚[›Ü\B•\\Έђ‹HÛۂ˜ÈÈÈ[ˆHˆÈ\ˆÈH\È ˆÈÈBŸ M‘]H\È\țݚYYœ›ÝšYY˜ÛÝ\\ÞB›ÙˆܙX]\‚“]Y\™[B”‘PSԔË”‘PSԂ\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›ÙˆX\[‚“ZX[ZH\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›Ùˆ‘PSԔË‘›ܚYHSË”™YÚ[ۘ[“SË“˜\\›Ø\™و‘PSԔË”‘PSԔÈو\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›ÙˆH[B™XXÚ\Ë”ÜXÙHÛØ\ݐ\ÜÛ‘]B˜ÛÝ\\ÞB›ÙˆܙX]\‚‘›Ü›Ü“]Y\™[B”‘PSԔË”‘PSԂ\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›ÙˆX\[‚ÛÝ[KÛÝ[K“ZX[ZH\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›Ùˆ‘PSԔË“^H›ܚYH^H™YÚ[ۘ[“˜\\\™XB›Ø\™\™XB›Ùˆ‘PSԔË”‘PSԔÈ\ÜÛØÚX][ۂH[H™XXÚ\Ë”ÜXÙBÛØ\Ý\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›Ùˆ‘PS™Ù\țݛݝØ\œ˜[™ÝX\˜[YB˜XØÝ\˜XÞB›Ùˆ[™›Ü›X][ۋ‚\È[™›Ü›X][ۋ‚’]\È™\ÜۜÚXš[]BH™\ÜۜÚXš[]B˜[žH܂˜^Y\‚™\šYžB˜[™[[™›Ü›X][ۂÈÝXÚÛۜÝ[Y\¸ &\™\Ý]H˜[œØXÝ[ۋ‚™Ù\Ø\œ˜[›Üˆ܂™ÝX\˜[YBHB˜XØÝ\˜XÞB›Ùˆ\’]\ÈB›Ùˆ[žHق˜^Y\‚œÙ[\ˆ܈ÈÙ[\‚™\šYžHÈ[žB˜[™[žB˜[[™›Ü›X][ۂœ™[]˜[È™[]˜[œÝXÚÛۜÝ[Y\¸ &\œ™X[\Ý]H™X[˜[œØXÝ[ۋ