FL ARCHIVED July 2017 - Page 159

Market Action Report County: Volusia Volusia County Agent Name Title Phone Agent Name Website Title Other July 2017 Community Information | School District Price Range: All | Properties: SFH - Con Phone Month Website Market Profile & Trends Overview Median List Price of all Current Listings Price Range: All | Properties: SFH - Con LM Trending versus*: L3M PYM LY $249,900 0% 9% Other $381,359 Trending 2% versus*: 19% Month LM -2% L3M 3% PYM 18% LY $177,000 $249,900 0% 9% $203,359 -5% 1% 21% $381,359 1,400 2% -3% 19% -12% $177,000 505 -2% -10% 3% 18% 7% 17% $203,359 -5% 1% 21% 14% 47 -10% -10% -20% 1,400 -3% -12% $133 -1% 1% 11% 505 -10% 7% $118 -1% 1% 17% 47 -10% -10% -20% -29% 2.8 7% 6% -18% $133 -1% 1% 11% 13% 96.2% -.4% -.2% .7% Average List Price of all Current Listings Market Profile & Trends July Median Sales Price Overview Median List Price of all Current Listings July Average Sales Price Average List Price of all Current Total Properties Currently for Listings Sale (Inventory) July Sales Price July Median Number of Properties Sold July Average Sales Price July Average Days on Market (Solds) Total Properties Currently for Sale (Inventory) Asking Price per Square Foot (based on New Listings) July Number of Properties Sold July Sold Price per Square Foot July Average Days on Market (Solds) July Month's Supply of Inventory Asking Price per Square Foot (based on New Listings) July Sale Price vs List Price Ratio July Sold Price per Square Foot July Sale Price vs List Price Ratio * LM=Last Month / L3M=Last 3 Months / PYM=Same Month Prior Year / LY=Last Year (2016) / YTD = Year-to-date Property Sales 600 July Property sales were 505, up 7.2% from 471 in July of 2016 and 9.7% lower than the 559 sales last month. July 2017 sales 500 Property Sales were at a mid level compa ™Yȝ[Hو Œ Mˆ[™ Œ MKˆ[H Œ ’[B\ ˌ‰B ÌHقš[ˆ\Ý’[HYX\‰Ü›و Œ M‚–U›Ü\BœØ[\ÈوØ[\ÂŒË NÙ\™B˜\™H L Kœ[›š[™ÂKŽIHœ›ÛB˜ZXYžYX\‹]ËB ˜[™ŽKÉB›ÝÙ\‚[ˆH MNHØ[\È\Ý[۝ ˆ[H Œ MÈØ[\™]BœØ[\›و Ë ŒŽK‚L ŒÈ[È]™ÂŒÈ[È]™ÂŒÍN ‚ŒŒL ŒŒ  L ”šXÙ\ŒM•HYYX[ˆØ[\ÈšXÙH[ˆ[HØ\È MÍË \ N Œ Hœ›ÛB”šXÙ\‰ ML [ˆ[Hو Œ Mˆ[™Ýۈ KÉHœ›ÛH N \ÝŒ •B“YYX[‚”Ø[\”šXÙHØ[\š[ˆ[HšXÙBØ\È MÍË \ Œ Ë ÍNKŒN Œ Hœ›ÛB›[۝ ‚•B]™\˜YÙBš[ˆ[HØ\\ŒŒŒ‰ ML š[ˆ[B›Ùˆ Œ Mˆ[ˆ[™™ÝۂŒKÉH[™™œ›ÛHÝۂ‰ N ŒŒ IHœ›ÛB‰ MŽ Ì ‚’[B›Ùˆ Œ M‚ Ž H\Ý™œ›ÛBŒ ›[۝ ‚•H\ݐ]™\˜YÙB”Ø[\”šXÙBš[ˆTÔ’[HØ\È Œ Ë ÍNK\]™[‰ ŒLË ÌM›[۝ ‚’[BŒŒ M˜]HYÚ\ÝŒŒŒ Œ ŒŒ IB™œ›ÛH‰ MŽ Ì ‚’[H[™›Ùˆ Œ M‚˜ÛÛ\\™Y’[Hو[‚ŒŒ M‚ŒŒ MKˆ[™Ýۈ Ž Hœ›ÛB‰ ŒLË ÌM\Ý[۝ ˆ[H Œ MÈTÔØ\È]HYÚ\Ý]™[ŒŒ  N ŒMBŒM‚LNBHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆ‚ŒMŒMBŒM‚ŒMHÈȈˆˆHHB’ˆˆHÈØ[\“ȈšXÙB’ˆˆBHH]™\˜YÙB’ˆˆHÈØ[\“ȈšXÙB’ˆˆHHHˆ‚“YYX[‚˜[™ŒÈ[È]™ÂŒ˜ÛÛ\\™Yȝ[Hو Œ Mˆ[™ Œ MK‚‹LL‰BŒLIBŒL‰B‹LNIBŒIBŒŒ ŒÌ ‰H LIB‹LM‰H LIBŒLÉB‰ LÌBŒM BŒË N‰BŒM‰B‰ LLŒM‰BN LM‰B‹LL‰B‹L BŒ‹ŽH LNIB‰ LÌBŒM BŒLIBŒKŒIBŽM‹Œ‰BŒIBŒÌ  ‰ MŽ  Ë NŒM‰B‰ NN ÌLŒM‰B‹LŽIBN“[X™\ˆو›Ü\Y\ÈÛ۝Ù\™H]HZY]™[ÛÛ\\™Yȝ[Hو Œ Mˆ[™ Œ MKˆ[B–UØ[\Èو Ë N\™H[›š[™È KŽIHZXYو\ÝYX\‰ÜÈYX\‹]ËB™]HØ[\Èو Ë ŒŽK‚•™[™[™È™\œÝ\ʎ‚”š[܈U M‰B”š[܈YX\ˆ LIBŒMÉHU‰ MŽ ŒM B‰ NN ÌLŒM‰BŒLIB‰ LN LIH IH MÉH M‰B‰ LLŒM‰BŒL‰BŒ‹Ž ÉH ‰H LN H L BŒ‹ŽH LNIB‹LNIB“[X™\ˆوM‹Œ‰B”›Ü\Y\ŽM‹Œ‰H K H KŒ‰H ÉH KŒIBŒIHÛÛ IBŠˆOS\Ý[۝ È ÓOS\Ý È[۝È ÈSOTØ[YH[۝š[܈YX\ˆ ÈOS\ÝYX\ˆ Œ MŠH ÈUHYX\‹]ËY]B’[H[۝ ÜÈÝ\Hو[™[ܞB•™[™[™È™\œÝ\ʎ‚”š[܈Uš[܈YX\‚–U“X\šÙ]XÝ[ۈ™\ܝÛÝ[Nˆ›Û\ÚXB’[H Œ MŒM“YYX[ˆØ[\ÈšXÙH[™]™\˜YÙHØ[\ÈšXÙBŒÈ[È]™ÂŒN  MŒŒMŒ M ŒM  LŒŒLŒ L HÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆ‚ŒL ŒMHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆH MˆHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHH MÈHˆ‚HÈ M“ȈˆˆBŒMŒMBŒM‚ŒM’[™[ܞH ˆTÒBŒK L ŒK L ŒK HÛÛ\\˜]]™[HÝÙ\ˆTÒH\È[ܙH™[™YšXÚX[›ÜˆÙ[\œÈÚ[H K ˜BHYÚ\‚˜ÛÛ\\˜]]™[B›ÝÙ\‚“TÒBš\›[ܙB˜™[™YšXÚX[™›Ü‚œÙ[\œÂÚ[B˜B“TÒH\È™]\ˆ›Üˆ^Y\œËˆH[H Œ MÈTÒHو ‹ŽL šYÚ\‚“TÒBš\È™]\‚™›Üˆ^Y\œË‚’[H Œ M“TÒB›Ùˆ ‹Ž›[۝Ø\˜]]ÈÝÙ\Ý›]™[B˜ÛÛ\\™YÚ]’[B›Ùˆ Œ Mˆ[™ L ›[۝Ø\˜]š]›ÝÙ\Ý›]™[˜ÛÛ\\™YÚ]’[B›Ù‚ŒŒ M‚˜[™ŒŒŒ MK‚ŒŒ MK‚ŒËŒËŒ ‹Œ‹Œ KŒKŒ Œ›ÝÙ\Ý]™[ÛÛ\\™YÚ][Hو Œ Mˆ[™ Œ MK‚Œ‹ •Ý[[™[ܞH ˆ[۝ ÜÈÝ\Hو[™[ܞH TÒJB•Ý[[™[ܞH ˆ[۝ ÜÈÝ\Hو[™[ܞH TÒJB•HÝ[[™[ܞB’[™[ܞB‰ˆTÒHو›Ü\Y\È]˜Z[X›H›ÜˆØ[H\Èو[BŒ‹ L Ø\ÈÝ[ŒK ™Ýۈ ‹ŽIB™œ›ÛH K ‚›\Ý[۝˜[™•B’[™[ܞB›Ùˆ›Ü\Y\˜]˜Z[X›B™›ÜˆØ[B˜\ÈÝۂ›Ùˆ[H LKÉB™œ›ÛBŒK N ‚š[ˆ[B›Ùˆœ›ÛB›\ÝYX\‹‚’[H[۝ŒŒ MÈ[™[ܞBØ\È]]È ‹ L Ø\ŒK ™ÝۂŒ‹ŽIBŒK ˆ\ݘ[™Ýۈ LKÉBŒ‹ ™œ›ÛBŒK N ‚š[ˆ[B›Ùˆ\ÝÚ]žYX\‹ˆ[B’[HقŒŒ M’[™[ܞBØ\È]]›ÝÙ\Ý›]™[˜ÛÛ\\™YŒŒ M‚˜[™ Œ MK‚ŒËŒŒ‹ŒŒKŒŒ Œ ŒŒËŒŒ‹ŒŒKŒŒ ŒHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆ‚HÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆ‚ŒMŒMBŒM‚ŒMŒMŒMBÛÜ\šYÚ°ªHÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚”™\ÚY[X[‘\Ý]B‹ÈÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚•[š]Y ”™X[ܜ”šXÙH˜[™ÙN‚[›Ü\B•\\΂”Ñ’ HÛۂÛÜ\šYÚ°ªHÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚”™\ÚY[X[”™X[™X[‘\Ý]B‹ÈÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚•[š]Y ”™X[ܜŸšXÙH˜[™ÙN‚[›Ü\B•\\Έђ‹HÛۂŒM‚ŒM˜ÈÈÈ[ˆHˆÈ\ˆÈH\È ˆÈÈBŸ MNB‘]Bœ›ÝšYY˜ÛÝ\\ÞB›ÙˆܙX]\‚“]Y\™[B”‘PSԔË”‘PSԂ\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›ÙˆX\[‚“ZX[ZH\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›Ùˆ‘PSԔË‘›ܚYHSË”™YÚ[ۘ[“Sː›Ø\™و‘PSԔË”‘PSԔÈو\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›ÙˆH[B™XXÚ\Ë”ÜXÙHÛØ\ݐ\ÜÛ‘]Bš\È\œ›ÝšYY˜ÛÝ\\ÞB›ÙˆܙX]\‚‘›Ü›Ü“]Y\™[B”‘PSԔË”‘PSԂ\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›ÙˆX\[‚ÛÝ[KÛÝ[K“ZX[ZH\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›Ùˆ‘PSԔË“^H›ܚYH^B”™YÚ[ۘ[“˜\\\™XH˜\\›Ø\™\™XB›Ùˆ‘PSԔË”‘PSԔÈ\ÜÛØÚX][ۂH[H™XXÚ\Ë”ÜXÙBÛØ\Ý\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›Ùˆ‘PS™Ù\Ø\œ˜[›ÜˆÝX\˜[YB˜XØÝ\˜XÞB›Ùˆ[™›Ü›X][ۋ‚\È[™›Ü›X][ۋ‚’]\È™\ÜۜÚXš[]BH™\ÜۜÚXš[]B˜[žH܈^Y\‚™\šYžB˜[™[[™›Ü›X][ۂÈÝXÚÛۜÝ[Y\¸ &\™\Ý]H˜[œØXÝ[ۋ‚™Ù\››Ý›ÝØ\œ˜[›ÜˆÝX\˜[YBHB˜XØÝ\˜XÞB›Ùˆ\’]\ÈB›Ùˆ[žHق˜^Y\‚œÙ[\ˆ܈ÈÙ[\‚™\šYžHÈ[žB˜[™[žB˜[[™›Ü›X][ۂœ™[]˜[È™[]˜[œÝXÚÛۜÝ[Y\¸ &\œ™X[\Ý]H™X[˜[œØXÝ[ۋ