FL ARCHIVED July 2017 - Page 146

Market Action Report City: Palm Bay Palm Bay July 2017 Agent Name Title Phone Website Other Community Information | School District Price Range: All | Properties: SFH - Con Days On Market for Sold Properties Market Time The average Days On Market (DOM) shows how many days the average Property is on the market before it sells. An upward trend in DOM tends to indicate a move towards more of a Buyer's market, a downward trend a move towards more of a Seller's market. The DOM for July was 31, down 20.5% from 39 days last month and down 27.9% from 43 days in July of last year. The July 2017 DOM was at its lowest level compared with July of 2016 and 2015. 3 Mo Avg 70 60 51 50 43 40 31 30 20 10 0 A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J 14 15 16 17 Selling Price per Square Foot Selling Price per Square Foot The Selling Price per Square Foot is a great indicator for the direction of Property values. Since Median Sales Price and Average Sales price can be impacted by the 'mix' of high or low end Properties in the market, the selling price per square foot is a more normalized indicato ۈH\X[ۈو\H[Y\˂H[H M[[XH\]X\Hو L \ۂ IHH L \[۝[\ L HHM[[Hو\YX\MLM LLLLL L L[]ŒL MBHHHHHHHHHHHHMMBMM”[[XH\\\[XH][”[[XHܚY[[\[XBH[[XHܚY[[\[XH]X[H]\YB[[[][\\HYܙYZ[YHۈHZ\ܚY[[\XKH\H][\[ L HH[ܙHقH^Y\X\]^\H][]܈XݙH L H[X]\[ܙBوH[\X\] H[H M[[XHܚY[[\XHوMIH\ۈHMH\[۝[ۈBMˍIH[[Hو\YX\[]][[XH]YYH]\[XH܈\Y\\[H[۝MˍIBN BMBMBMIBMBMIBM BLBLBLIBL BIBHHHHHHHHHHHHMMBMM’[[ܞH ]\[ [\’[[ܞH ]\[ [\   L  \\Y]وHX\]X[\[۝H[[ܞHق\Y\܈[H[ۙ]]\[[[\ˈHܘ\H\X[X[X\ۘ[]HوHX\]\[\B[][ۜ\]Y[\H][\ˈH\و]\[š[[H M\ L ۈ ˍHH H\[۝[\N HH H[[Hو\YX\ L HHHHHHHHHHHHMMBMM\Y0H[[\\Y[X[X[\]H [[\[]Y X[ܜXH[N[\H\\Έђ Hۂ]H\ݚYY\\HوܙX]\ܝ]Y\[HPSԔPSԈ\X][ۈوX\[[KZX[ZH\X][ۈوPSԔ^HܚYHY[ۘ[S\\\XH\وPSԔPSԔ\X][ۈوH[HXX\XH\\X][ۈوPSԔ™\\[܈X\[YHHX\XHو\[ܛX][ۋ]\H\ۜX[]Hو[H^Y\܈[\\YH[H[[[ܛX][ۈ[][Xۜ[Y\&\X[\]H[X[ۋM HHHHH