FL ARCHIVED April 2017 - Page 158

Market Action Report St. Lucie County County: St Lucie April 2017 Agent Name Title Phone Website Other Community Information | School District Price Range: All | Properties: SFH - Con Days On Market for Sold Properties Market Time The average Days On Market (DOM) shows how many days the average Property is on the market before it sells. An upward trend in DOM tends to indicate a move towards more of a Buyer's market, a downward trend a move towards more of a Seller's market. The DOM for April was 134, up 688.2% from 17 days last month and up 50.6% from 89 days in April of last year. The April 2017 DOM was at a mid level compared with April of 2016 and 2015. 3 Mo Avg 350 300 250 200 134 150 89 100 50 24 0 M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A 14 15 16 17 Selling Price per Square Foot Selling Price per Square Foot The Selling Price per Square Foot is a great indicator for the direction of Property values. Since Median Sales Price and Average Sales price can be impacted by the 'mix' of high or low end Properties in the market, the selling price per square foot is B[ܙHܛX[^Y[X]܈ۈH\X[ۈو\H[Y\˂H\[ M[[XH\]X\Hو L \ۂIHH L \[۝[ۈ LKHH LL[\[ق\YX\MLM LLLLL L L[]ŒLLŒL BHHHHHHHHHHHBMMBMM”[[XH\\\[XH][”[[XHܚY[[\[XBH[[XHܚY[[\[XH]X[H]\YB[[[][\\HYܙYZ[YHۈHZ\ܚY[[\XKH\H][\[ L HH[ܙHقH^Y\X\]^\H][]܈XݙH L H[X]\[ܙBوH[\X\] H\[ M[[XHܚY[[\XHوL H\ۈH L H\[۝[ۂHM H[\[و\YX\[]][[XH]YYH]\[XH܈\Y\\[H[۝L BM BMIBL BL B B B B B BHHHHHHHHHHHBMMBMM’[[ܞH ]\[ [\’[[ܞH ]\[ [\ BLMBBB\\Y]وHX\]X[\[۝H[[ܞHق\Y\܈[H[ۙ]]\[[[\ˈHܘ\H\X[X[X\ۘ[]HوHX\]\[\B[][ۜ\]Y[\H][\ˈH\و]\[š[\[ M\ ۈ ˌHH L\[۝[ۂ HH L[\[و\YX\HHHHHHHHHHHBMMBMM\Y0H[[\\Y[X[X[\]H [[\[]Y X[ܜXH[N[\H\\Έђ Hۂ]H\ݚYY\\HوܙX]\ܝ]Y\[HPSԔPSԈ\X][ۈوX\[[KZX[ZH\X][ۈوPSԔ^HܚYHY[ۘ[S\\\XH\وPSԔPSԔ\X][ۈوH[HXX\XH\\X][ۈوPSԔ™\\[܈X\[YHHX\XHو\[ܛX][ۋ]\H\ۜX[]Hو[H^Y\܈[\\YH[H[[[ܛX][ۈ[][Xۜ[Y\&\X[\]H[X[ۋMNHHHHH