FL ARCHIVED April 2017 - Page 149

Market Action Report County: Flagler Flagler County Agent Name Market Action Report County: Flagler April 2017 Title Phone Agent Name Website Title Other April 2017 Community Information | School District Price Range: All | Properties: SFH - Con Phone Month Website Market Profile & Trends Overview Median List Price of all Current Listings Price Range: All | Properties: SFH - Con LM Trending versus*: L3M PYM LY $289,900 0% 4% Other $411,461 Trending 0% versus*: 1% Month LM 3% L3M 4% PYM 16% LY $214,250 $289,900 0% 4% $300,720 18% 17% 27% $411,461 1,093 0% -1% 1% -14% $214,250 224 3% -14% 4% 16% 8% 9% $300,720 18% 17% 27% 26% 74 -9% -5% -20% 1,093 -1% -14% $152 4% 2% 6% 224 -14% 8% $138 7% 7% 12% 74 -9% -5% -20% -14% 4.9 15% -10% -21% $152 4% 2% 6% 7% 95.9% -.3% -.4% -.1% Average List Price of all Current Listings Market Profile & Trends April Median Sales Price Overview Median List Price of all Current Listings April Average Sales Price Average List Price of all Current Total Properties Currently for Listings Sale (Inventory) April Sales Price April Median Number of Properties Sold April Average Sales Price April Average Days on Market (Solds) Total Properties Currently for Sale (Inventory) Asking Price per Square Foot (based on New Listings) April Number of Properties Sold April Sold Price per Square Foot April Average Days on Market ÛÛÊB\š[[۝ ÜÈÝ\Hو[™[ܞB\ÚÚ[™ÈšXÙH\ˆÜ]X\™H›ÛÝ ˜\ÙYۈ™]È\Ý[™ÜÊB\š[Ø[HšXÙHœÈ\ÝšXÙH˜][\š[ÛÛšXÙH\ˆÜ]X\™H›Û݉ LÎ ÉH ÉH L‰B ŽH MIH LL H LŒIBŽMKŽIH KŒÉH K H KŒIB\š[Ø[HšXÙHœÈ\ÝšXÙH˜][ŠˆOS\Ý“[۝ È ÓOS\ÝŒÈ[۝È ÈSOTØ[YH[۝š[܈YX\ˆ ÈOS\ÝYX\ˆ Œ MŠH ÈUHYX\‹]ËY]B”›Ü\B”Ø[\ÂŒÌ \š[›Ü\HØ[\ÈÙ\™H Œ \ Œ‰Hœ›ÛH Œ È[ˆ\š[قŒŒ Mˆ[™ Lˎ HÝÙ\ˆ[ˆH ŒØ[\È\Ý[۝ ˆ\š[ Œ MÈ L”›Ü\BœØ[\ÈÙ\™HØ[\˜]HZY]™[ÛÛ\\™YÈ\š[و Œ Mˆ[™ Œ MKˆ Ì \š[œØ[\ŒŒ [›š[™Â\ Œ‰H ˌ B™œ›ÛHZXYŒŒ È[ˆق\š[\š[›Ü\B–UØ[\›وÙ\™BÎ È\™B›\ÝقžYX\‰ÜÈYX\‹BŒŒ ŒŒ M‚˜[™Ø[\ŒLˎ HوÝÙ\‚ËY]BÍŒ ˆ[ˆH ŒØ[\È\Ý[۝ ˆ\š[ Œ MÈ L•™[™[™È™\œÝ\ʎ‚”š[܈U LIB”š[܈YX\ˆ IBŽIHU‰ Œ ‹ Œ‰B‰ M‹  ŒLIBÉB‰ Œ ‹ ‰ M‹  ‹LM BŒLIH ÉH IBÎ ŒLIBÎ LM‰H ÉBÉB‰ MBIBÎ ŒÉBŒLÉB‰ LŽBŽ BÎ LM‰B‹NIB‹LMIB‹Œ LMIB‰ MBIBIB‹K BŽM‹ŒÉBŒ B‹NIBIB‰BIBŒ BŒLÉB‰ LŽBŽ B‰B‹LMIB‹Œ LMIBIB“[X™\‚›ÙˆM‹ŒÉB”›Ü\Y\‹K BŒ HÛÛ BŠˆOS\Ý[۝ È ÓOS\Ý È[۝È ÈSOTØ[YH[۝š[܈YX\ˆ ÈOS\ÝYX\ˆ Œ MŠH ÈUHYX\‹]ËY]B\š[[۝ ÜÈÝ\Hو[™[ܞB•™[™[™È™\œÝ\ʎ‚”š[܈Uš[܈YX\‚–UŒÈ[È]™Â“[X™\ˆو›Ü\Y\ÈÛÛŒÈ[È]™ÂœØ[\ÈÙ\™H]HZY]™[ÛÛ\\™YÈ\š[و Œ Mˆ[™ Œ MK‚ŒML\š[UØ[\Èو Î È\™H[›š[™È ˌ HZXYو\ÝYX\‰ÜÈYX\‹BŒŒ ËY]HØ[\Èو ͌ ‚”šXÙ\ŒM•HYYX[ˆØ[\ÈšXÙH[ˆ\š[Ø\È ŒM L \ M‹ Hœ›ÛBŒÍL”šXÙ\‰ N [ˆ\š[و Œ Mˆ[™\ ˌ‰Hœ›ÛH Œ Ë Œ \Ý•B“YYX[‚”Ø[\”šXÙHØ[\š[ˆ\š[Ø\È[‚‰ ŒM L \ Ì ÌŒ ŒM‹ Hœ›ÛH\›[۝ ‚•B]™\˜YÙB”šXÙB\š[Ø\ŒÍL Ì ‰ N š[ˆ\š[›Ùˆ Œ M‚\و ˌ‰BŒ‹ÉHœ›ÛB‰ ŒÍË Âš[ˆ[™\š[ŒŒ Mˆœ›ÛB˜[™ Œ Ë Œ \ N ŒÉH\Ý™œ›ÛB›[۝ ‚•H\ݐ]™\˜YÙB”Ø[\”šXÙBš[ˆ\š[\]™[‰ M LŒB›[۝ ‚\š[ŒŒ MTÔØ\Ø\È Ì ÌŒ ˜]HYÚ\ÝŒÌ  LŒ‹ÉB™œ›ÛH ŒÍË Â\š[[™›Ùˆ Œ M‚˜[™\ N ŒÉHœ›ÛB˜ÛÛ\\™YÈ\š[و[ˆ Œ M‚ŒŒ MK‚ŒLŒŒ ŒMLŒM ŒŒLBŒM‚ŒM“YYX[ˆØ[\ÈšXÙH[™]™\˜YÙHØ[\ÈšXÙBŒÈ[È]™ÂŒŒ ŒMLŒL “HˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHBŒL ŒMHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆH M‚“Hˆ MˆHÈȈˆˆBHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHH MŒMŒMBŒM‚ŒM’[™[ܞH ˆTÒB•Ý[[™[ܞH ˆ[۝ ÜÈÝ\Hو[™[ܞH TÒJB•Ý[[™[ܞH ˆ[۝ ÜÈÝ\Hو[™[ܞH TÒJBŒL‹ŒŒŒL‹ŒŒL Œ•HÝ[[™[ܞB’[™[ܞB‰ˆTÒHو›Ü\Y\È]˜Z[X›H›ÜˆØ[H\Èو\š[ŒK Œ Ø\ÈÝ[ŒK LË™Ýۈ KŒIB™œ›ÛH K L B›\Ý[۝˜[™\ÈÝۂŒM ŒIB•B’[™[ܞB›Ùˆ›Ü\Y\˜]˜Z[X›B™›ÜˆØ[B›Ùˆ\š[™œ›ÛBŒK Ìš[ˆ\š[›\Ý K L BžYX\‹ˆ\ݐ\š[ŒŒ M’[™[ܞBØ\È]]È K Œ  K Ø\ŒK LË™ÝۂŒKŒIHق™œ›ÛB›[۝˜[™™Ýۈ M ŒIBŒK  K Œ ™œ›ÛBŒK Ìš[ˆ\š[›Ùˆ\ÝÚ]žYX\‹ˆ\š[\š[و Œ M’[™[ܞBØ\È]]›ÝÙ\Ý›]™[˜ÛÛ\\™YŒŒ M‚˜[™ Œ MK‚›ÝÙ\Ý]™[ÛÛ\\™YÚ]\š[و Œ Mˆ[™ Œ MK‚ŒK Œ  K ŒK  Ž  Œ HÛÛ\\˜]]™[HÝÙ\ˆTÒH\È[ܙH™[™YšXÚX[›ÜˆÙ[\œÈÚ[HH Œ  HYÚ\‚˜ÛÛ\\˜]]™[B›ÝÙ\ˆTÒBš\È[ܙHB˜™[™YšXÚX[œÙ[\œÂ“TÒH\È™]\‚™›Üˆ^Y\œË‚\š[›Ü‚ŒŒ M“TÒHÚ[B›Ùˆ ŽHB šYÚ\‚“TÒBš\È™]\‚™›Üˆ^Y\œË‚\š[ Œ M›و ŽBŒŒ ›[۝Ø\˜]]ÈÝÙ\Ý›]™[B˜ÛÛ\\™YÚ]TÒB\š[›Ùˆ Œ Mˆ[™ŒŒ ›[۝ŒŒŒ MKˆØ\È]]ÈÝÙ\Ý]™[ÛÛ\\™YÚ]\š[و Œ Mˆ[™ŒŒ MK‚ŒŒÎŒNŒMB“HˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHBŒMŒMBŒM‚ŒM“HˆˆHÈȈˆˆYYX[‚“HHHˆØ[\’ˆHÈšXÙB“Ȉ[™’ˆˆ]™\˜YÙB“HHHˆØ[\’ˆHÈšXÙB“ȈˆˆHBŒÈ[È]™ÂŒ‰ M LŒH\Ý[۝ ˆ\š[ Œ MÈTÔØ\È]HYÚ\Ý]™[˜ÛÛ\\™YÈ\š[و Œ Mˆ[™ Œ MK‚ŒL LŒL ŒL ŒMLŽ Œ‹Œ ŒŒ‹ŒŒ ŒŒL ŒŽ Œ‹Œ ŒŒ‹ŒŒ Œ“HˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHB“HˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHHHˆˆHÈȈˆˆHBŒMŒMBŒM‚ŒMŒMŒMBÛÜ\šYÚ°ªHÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚”™\ÚY[X[‘\Ý]B‹ÈÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚•[š]Y ”™X[ܜ”šXÙH˜[™ÙN‚[›Ü\B•\\΂”Ñ’ HÛۂÛÜ\šYÚ°ªHÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚”™\ÚY[X[”™X[™X[‘\Ý]B‹ÈÛÛÙ[˜[šÙ\‚•[š]Y ”™X[ܜŸšXÙH˜[™ÙN‚[›Ü\B•\\Έђ‹HÛۂŒM‚ŒM˜ÈÈÈ[ˆHˆÈ\ˆÈH\È ˆÈÈBŸ MB‘]Bœ›ÝšYY˜ÛÝ\\ÞB›ÙˆܙX]\‚“]Y\™[B”‘PSԔË”‘PSԂ\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›ÙˆX\[‚“ZX[ZH\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›Ùˆ‘PSԔË‘›ܚYHSË”™YÚ[ۘ[“Sː›Ø\™و‘PSԔË”‘PSԔÈو\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›ÙˆH[B™XXÚ\Ë”ÜXÙHÛØ\ݐ\ÜÛ‘]Bš\È\œ›ÝšYY˜ÛÝ\\ÞB›ÙˆܙX]\‚‘›Ü›Ü“]Y\™[B”‘PSԔË”‘PSԂ\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›ÙˆX\[‚ÛÝ[KÛÝ[K“ZX[ZH\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›Ùˆ‘PSԔË“^H›ܚYH^B”™YÚ[ۘ[“˜\\\™XH˜\\›Ø\™\™XB›Ùˆ‘PSԔË”‘PSԔÈ\ÜÛØÚX][ۂH[H™XXÚ\Ë”ÜXÙBÛØ\Ý\ÜÛØÚX][ۂ›Ùˆ‘PS™Ù\Ø\œ˜[›ÜˆÝX\˜[YB˜XØÝ\˜XÞB›Ùˆ[™›Ü›X][ۋ‚\È[™›Ü›X][ۋ‚’]\È™\ÜۜÚXš[]BH™\ÜۜÚXš[]B˜[žH܈^Y\‚™\šYžB˜[™[[™›Ü›X][ۂÈÝXÚÛۜÝ[Y\¸ &\™\Ý]H˜[œØXÝ[ۋ‚™Ù\››Ý›ÝØ\œ˜[›ÜˆÝX\˜[YBHB˜XØÝ\˜XÞB›Ùˆ\’]\ÈB›Ùˆ[žHق˜^Y\‚œÙ[\ˆ܈ÈÙ[\‚™\šYžHÈ[žB˜[™[žB˜[[™›Ü›X][ۂœ™[]˜[È™[]˜[œÝXÚÛۜÝ[Y\¸ &\œ™X[\Ý]H™X[˜[œØXÝ[ۋ