Fix School Discipline Toolkit for Educators - Page 98

San Bernadino County Benton Dorman, Ed.D Program Specialist Special Education Desert Sands Unified School District Tel: 760-771-8790 SWPBIS Implementation Santa Ana Laura Kanter, MSW The Gay and 714.953.5428, laura.kanter@ Lesbian Community Services Center of Orange County Youth and community organizing around school climate, education equality, and student rights for LGBTQ youth in Orange County Abraham Medina, Ignacio Rios Santa Ana Boys and, 714.417.2460 Men of Color Facilitation of Restorative Justice circles and Joven Noble circulos for at-risk young men in schools, 714.393.3624 STATEWIDE Trainers Barbara Kelley, M.A. CEO CalTAC 949-933-5015 SWPBIS Statewide Marin Brown, MAIS, Project Operations Manager CalSTAT 707.481.9139 Funding for training in SWPBIS, RJ and SEL Dr. Jeffrey Richard Sprague, Co Director Univ of Oregon Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior 1265 Univ of Oregon Eugene, OR 97403 Tel: 5413463592 Cell: 5419140960 SWPBIS Expert and Trainer, skeister@casel. org, 614.327.3096 Social Emotional Learning 300 Lakeside Drive, 25th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612, 510.302.4246 Provides technical assistance to educators around alternative discipline approaches and data analysis Carolyn Pirtle, Consultant and Member of Positive Action, Inc Implementation Design Team 208.732.1132, www. SEL Glenn Singleton, President and CEO Pacific Educational Group, 415.346.4575 Providing training and technical assistance for eliminating implicit racial bias and having Courageous Conversations about race Dr. Rob Horner College of Education 541.346.2462, SWPBIS Expert and Trainer Dr. George Sugai, Director Center for Behavioral Education and Research SWPBIS Expert and Trainer Center for Advancement of Social Emotional Learning Rose Owens-West, Ph.D., Director 96 Region IX Equity Assistance Center, WestEd