Fix School Discipline Toolkit for Educators - Page 76

Congratulations! You Have Decided That It Is Time To Fix School Discipline! ALTERNATIVE DISCIPLINE RESOLUTIONS AND POLICIES FROM DISTRICTS IN CALIFORNIA We recommend either engaging your School Board to pass a policy or resolution to provide clear direction to the Superintendent about what should be implemented and by when, or working directly with the Superintendent to put in place an alternative strategy in support of goals already supported by the School Board. In either case, several school districts have already passed alternative discipline resolutions and/or put in place policies, which require alternatives, like SWPBIS, SEL and Restorative Justice, to be instituted districtwide. Here is a summary of a few of those resolutions and policies, the complete versions of which can be found online at under the ‘Research and Resources’ tab at FRESNO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT (FRESNO UNIFIED) BOARD RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF A RESTORATIVE JUSTICE FRAMEWORK On March 8, 2013, as a result of the tireless advocacy and work of the Students United to Create a Climate of Engagement, Support and Safety (SUCCESS) Team and the support of Fresno Unified teachers and administration, the Board adopted a Resolution to create and implement restorative school discipline principles and practices. This Resolution states that discipline should be “equitable, timely, consistent, fair, developmentally appropriate, and match the severity of the student’s misbehavior, while ensuring school safety.” Other notable features of this resolution include:  Discipline practices that define and communicate expectations for student behavior and staff responsibilities that balance student needs, needs of the people affected by student behavior and the safety needs of the overall school community;  Every effort being made by the school and district to engage parents/guardians early in discipline process, including making sure that 74 How we can fix school discipline  discipline policies and practices are linguistically accessible; and  Disciplinary actions starting on the lowest possible level and designed to change student’s behavior and minimize any loss of instructional time. To learn more about the youth-led advocacy campaign that led to the adoption of this Resolution, see the highlight about the SUCCESS Team and Youth Leadership Institute. LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT (LAUSD) DISCIPLINE FOUNDATION POLICY In March 2007, after an extensive campaign led by parent organizing group CADRE and others, LAUSD passed a Discipline Foundation Policy based on School-Wide Positive Behavior Support. This policy is grounded in the belief that every student, preschool through adult, has the right to be educated in a safe, respectful and welcoming environment and every educator has the right to teach in an atmosphere free from disruption and obstacles that impede learning. This policy mandated the development of a schoolwide positive behavior support and discipline plan including positively stated rules, which are taught, enforced, advocated and modeled at every campus in LAUSD. It further mandated staff and parent training in the teaching and the reinforcing of the skills necessary for implementation of this policy. Notable features include  Responsibilities outlined for every student, parent/caregiver, teacher, school administrator, school support personnel, school staff, local district staff, central office staff, visitor and community members  Mandatory professional development in the area of school-wide positive behavior support that is broad-based and inclusive of all staff involved in supporting schools and students.