Fix School Discipline Toolkit for Educators - Page 75

meeting was successful and led to two more meetings with him and the youth. These discussions led to the SUCCESS team capitalizing on the formation of a community Graduation Task Force. The District invited SUCCESS youth leader Miriam to be a part of this Task Force as well as a couple of SUCCESS adult team members from YLI and The Know Youth Media. What is the Graduation Task Force and what is its role in all of this? Miriam: In mid-April to June of 2012, students, community members, teachers and a school board member regularly met as the Graduation Task Force. We conducted more focus groups with students who were at risk of dropping out. We collected all of our thoughts about the data and stories that we heard and came up with 18 recommendations for the Fresno Unified School Board, one of the recommendations is about implementing Restorative Justice. MaryJane: There was a rally outside the meeting with about 80 young people from different schools. And the Board accepted all the recommendations of the Task Force and set aside $2 million to implement the recommendations. This was important but it was only the beginning. What did YLI work on in 2013? Miriam: Due to the campaign and work of the SUCCESS Team, the Fresno Unified School Board adopted the Resolution in Support of a Restorative Justice Framework in June 2013. After that, summer break happened and the policy just kind of sat there. When school began we hadn’t yet been told which schools sites would pilot restorative practices and we were working to have a meeting with the new Restorative Practices Manager. When we finally had the meeting it was October. The RP Manager let us know that McLane High School and the elementary and middle schools that feed into McLane were selected to pilot RP. She also told us that they had begun training teachers and staff in October. We are continuing to meet with our base and learn how restorative practices are working there. We are working to schedule and build relationships among 73 How we can fix school discipline the SUCCESS Team, the Restorative Practices Manager, and teachers so that they become a part of the ongoing work to implement this policy. Feel free to contact us at: Youth Leadership Institute 1749 L Street Fresno, CA 93721 559-255-3300