Fix School Discipline Toolkit for Educators - Page 71

CONTINUED ACCESSING DATA FROM THE CENTER FOR CIVIL RIGHTS REMEDIES ACCESSING DATA FROM OCR CIVIL RIGHTS DATA COLLECTION Visit Visit Choose one of the following options and then click “Go!”  Show secondary school results  Show K-12 school results  Show elementary school results  Compare elementary and secondary school results. 1. Select the 2012 District or School Reports by clicking the hyperlink or the arrow to the right.  On the following page choose your state and district from the drop-down menus.  Under the drop-down menus, select whether you want data comparing two districts or data for race, ethnicity, and English Learner status with or without Disability status.  In order to see the exact suspension rate for race, ethnicity or for English Learners, put your cursor over the corresponding bar in the graph. Note: The data in the web tool describes the unduplicated number of students suspended at least once as a percentage of each sub groups’ total enrollment in a district. This tool does not include data for individual school sites. 2. Fill in the information for the school you are researching, or 3. Select the District tab and fill in the information for the district you are researching. ACCESSING DATA FROM SURVEYS California Healthy Kids Survey 1. Visit 2. To search LEA reports, select the county and type the main name of the district that you want. 3. Click on the name of the report you would like to view, which will download a PDF document to your computer. California School Climate Survey 1. Visit 69