Fix School Discipline Toolkit for Educators - Page 58

all work collaboratively with each other and with cohorts of schools to help implement best practices that meet the needs of all students. Most members of the BAT Team have had an overview training of the PAX Good Behavior Game, as well as many other programs and techniques, and we can assist schools to implement these practices. Each August, we bring in two trainers from the PAXIS Institute to train the staff members of the schools I’m supporting. I meet with teachers and provide professional development during grade level planning meetings at some schools, or any other time I can grab a few minutes of their time. I’ve held trainings for teachers and paraprofessionals, and attended CARE team meetings and SSTs where I give parents tools that they can use at home. I visit the sites and model the game in classrooms and observe teachers and provide feedback. Our goal is to have a staff member at each school trained as coaches, who can help build capacity year after year, make sure the program is continued, and provide support to staff at the school, and thus wean off of dependency on me. Of course, I come back if anyone needs me. I encourage schools to reach out and tell me what they need. What does it take to implement the game within a district like SFUSD? Tracy: Once the training is done and the game kits and manuals are purchased, it’s really just an investment in time and dedication on the part of the teachers. My experience has also shown me that it’s important to invest in a coach and to have someone on-site to support and work with teachers throughout the year. I think with any strategy, it’s important that someone is able to come in and model it for teachers. While I believe the PAX Good Behavior Game is simple to use, it’s more about trying to coach a teacher in what not to do. It does take an investment of ongoing resources, inc luding in time, coaching, and support, to implement properly. What advice would you give to others who want to implement in their schools? Gabrielle: Definitely be open-minded to the Game and don’t give up. It is easy to shut it down when you hear all of the components of it, because it sounds like too much. But if you are open to it and try it, it 56 How we can fix school discipline becomes so routine, like any other behavior system you use in your classroom. Try it more than once and try it consistently. As long as you keep doing it, it will fit into your schedule. Is there anything else that you think that people should know about the Good Behavior Game? Tracy: The Game is not really a behavior management system. It is about creating a positive classroom environment and teaching students selfcontrol and self-regulation. If we accomplish this, they are self-sufficient, and do not need someone else to tell them what to do and how to behave. Then, it’s something they are doing themselves, not something we’re doing to them. Feel free to contact us: Sheridan Elementary School 431 Capitol Ave. San Francisco, CA 94112 Ph: 415-469-4743