Fix School Discipline Toolkit for Educators - Page 55

of the class. In a classroom with 35 fourth graders, all are absolutely silent during transitions in the game and all raise their hands before speaking. Two fourth graders join BA outside the classroom to discuss why they are using Second Step: 4th Grade Boy: Second Step helps us with trying to figure out what other people’s feelings are and if they’re sad so we can help them out. BA: Why is that important? 4th Grade Girl: It’s important to help people fix their problems because when people are happy, they make good choices and go all the way up to a successful career. What does it cost to implement PBIS and SEL at your school? BA: PBIS is not expensive; it’s about $300 (300 dollars) yearly. Anyone who says money is a factor or a barrier to implementing an alternative discipline practice doesn’t want to change. This reluctance to implement these alternatives is just an extension of white privilege and not wanting to change to serve your community. The Second Step curriculum, which provides SEL instruction, costs about $3000 and is paid for through CASEL’s CDI grant to the district. Similar grants have been granted to eight other large school districts. What benefits have you experienced? BA: There is no longer a 75% staff attrition rate at this school. Since the 2011-12 school year, we have seen a significant decrease in suspensions and in physical fighting. We have further reduced suspensions by 42%. We are still implementing PBIS and SEL and have also layered on restorative justice. We are seeing that stu FV