Fix School Discipline Toolkit for Educators - Page 35

who were affected by the harm. When we first start implementing RJ at a school, the RJOY school coordinator facilitates conflict circles. Then, towards the end of our program at the school, the school site administrator, who is in charge of discipline, such as a vice principal or counselor, will conduct these restorative response circles. Tier 3 involves training in circles for youth who have been suspended or incarcerated and are now coming back to the school setting. Usually these circles incorporate probation officers, parents, teachers, and administrators, as well as the student reentering the school setting and peers. OUSD has established a regular schedule of districtwide trainings. OUSD and RJOY are currently focusing on creating manuals, formalized curricula, videos, and building a cadre of trainers to develop the training capacity to support expansion of RJ to a greater number of schools. Feel free to contact us: Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth 1203 Preservation Park Way Suite 200 Oakland, CA 94612 510.931.7569 What does Restorative Justice actually look like in a school? Eric Butler, RJOY School Coordinator at Ralph J. Bunche Continuation High School in West Oakland Many school administrators and teachers just want students to come to school and do as they are told. But with RJ we work with the students to create