Fix School Discipline Toolkit for Educators - Page 3

TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Why We Must Reform School Discipline In California 6 The Good News: There Are Effective Alternatives That Keep Schools Safe While Holding Students Accountable For Their Behavior 45 Highlight: Davidson Middle School 8 Social Emotional Learning Pulling it Together: Building a Supportive School Integrating Best Practices 48 50 Highlight: Leataata Floyd Elementary School 10 California and Federal Laws Require The Use Of Alternatives To Out-Of-School Discipline 54 Good Behavior Game: Highlight: Sheridan Elementary School, San Francisco 12 Top Ten Pieces Of Advice From Educators for Educators 57 Trauma Sensitive Schools and Strategies 13 School-Wide Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (SWPBIS) 58 Highlight: The University of California San Francisco, HEARTS (Healthy Environments and Response to Trauma in Schools) Project 14 Highlight: Azusa Unified School District 18 Highlight: Pioneer High School 21 Highlight: Garfield High School 25 Highlight: Vallejo City Unified School District 29 Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices 33 Highlight: RJOY and Oakland Unified School District 35 Highlight: San Francisco Unified School District 40 Highlight: Richmond High 43 Highlight: Reid High School In Long Beach and California Conference For Equality and Justice In Los Angeles County 60 Racial Bias and Discrimination: Strategies To Address Disproportionality In Discipline Head-On Congratulations! You Have Decided That It Is Time To Fix School Discipline! 77 Funding Sources For Advocating For and Implementing Alternatives To Suspentsion and Expulsion 79 How LCFF Can Help Fix School Discipline and Stop The School To Prison Pipeline 82 Alternatives Increase School Funding 83 Getting The Message Out About Fixing School Discipline To The Media and The School Community 85 Sample Press Release 86 Making Certain That Your Victory Results In Real Changes In Classrooms, In Schools and For Children: Creating and Implementing A Monitoring and Accountability Plan 88 Highlight: CADRE, South Los Angeles Parent Organizing and Empowerment Organization 89 Contact Pages: School and Community Leaders Fixing School Discipline Transformative Justice: Highlight: Youth Justice Coalition, Free L.A. High School 61 74 64 Police in Schools? Best Practices for Keeping Students Off the School-to-Prison Track 67 How To Lead Your School and School District To Reform School Discipline 71 Highlight: SUCCESS (Students United To Create A Climate Of Engagement, Support and Safety) 1