Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 9

of years to FLN. This time last year we farewelled Scott Thornton, former Finance Officer when he retired from his position at FLN after many years of dedicated service. It was with great sadness that we learned that so early in his retirement he became ill and that he died in late July. He is much missed by former staff, local residents and his beloved family. Also this year Vasco Tanevski quite reluctantly resigned to be able to regain his physical health. In closing I would like to thank all people before me for their long commitment and contributions made to FLN and for all former and current staff, Board and other volunteers who have done a great job. I also thank new members and stakeholders who are currently working and envisioning FLN’s further development while adapting to ever changing environments in the education sector, and more broadly to policies that have real impact and consequences for people at a local, national and international level. G. Rosales Martinez Our staff driven by are conviction the together that achieve powe can outcomes. sitive N Buildings e FL ation of th the celebr n! hong) for io C at e uc os R ed re and rtesy of ilised for ca stume (cou Staff in co years it has been ut e es th l For al 7 100 years.