Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 7

Volunteer Program All the programs are supported by teams of volunteers who assist the staff deliver the programs. Our Volunteer Program is an integral part of the Fitzroy Learning Network and we would not be able to reach out to the community to the level that we do without our volunteers. Currently we have over over 50 volunteers of diverse background and experience, each contributing in their own way with invaluable support, expertise and kindness. Foundation House has again shown its support throughout the year, providing training for our volunteers on working with refugees and the refugee experience. A young r Korp membe t 3RRR uction a dio prod ing ra o, learn Oula’s Story I left Lebanon to Australia in 1999 in pursuit of a better life. Being a new migrant, the process of settlement was overwhelming but I soon realised that the first step of this long journey is to overcome the language barrier. Studying English and earning a certificate IV of spoken and written English after two years prepared me quite well for university. I studied while looking after a family of five and graduated with a Bachelor of Biological Sciences and Master in Education. Shortly after that, I was offered a teaching role at Fitzroy Learning Network and was delighted to become a member of this organisation. FLN management and team believed in me and offered all the support I needed as a graduate teacher. I enjoy teaching at FLN because I learn about other cultures, build special relationships with my students and support them in im