Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 5

Chairperson’s Report After a year of re-evaluation and redevelopment we are in a good position and can look forward to a brighter future. The teaching programs have been consolidated and new classes are being developed. The Refugee Support program goes from strength to strength and is adding specific information workshops to its list of services. The Computer Clubhouse is expanding with a new satellite operation based at the Atherton Gardens. Our Volunteer Program has been revamped and will be firmly established in the New Year with the appointment of a dedicated Volunteer Coordinator. decisions, tasks, and interactions. With this in mind we affirmed that we are working with people who are knowledgeable, resilient, with diverse perspectives and beliefs, who deserve our respect. Together we create opportunities for a better quality of life for all of us. It has been a big year at the FLN, a year of change with the challenges, the joys and the hardships that change tends to bring. Words are simple. However the implications of these words are not without challenges and difficulties as we discovered in reviewing in detail our resources, programs, processes and procedures. It involved the need to change the way we were doing some things and reassess how we might do some things better. As with all major change like this there are those of us who cope better than others. As a result we lost some good people. We have however gained good people. We began the financial year with the need to review our work, our vision and purpose and to contract a new manager who would assist us to consolidate the work of the Network and to ensure its sustainability in the future. This we did, and our new Executive Manager – Rosales Martinez – began her challenging role in December 2013. The review has also highlighted the need for us to be vigilant in monitoring our resource needs and ensuring that we invest in them. Our people are by far our most important resource but without the corresponding investment in the policies, processes, systems, and technology we will not be supporting them in doing their ؜H\وZ\X[]Y\˂\\[ۈ\HH\وHۙ[[\]B[][]K\\H\ݚYHX\[[][Y[ [XX[\ܝ›Y[X\و\[][]H][[ܙX\HZ\ܝ[]Y\܈X[[XۛZX\X\][ۋ\[][]H\XYH\و]ZYܘ[YYY\˜[\[[HYZ\[\܈ۙHX\ۂ܈[\]H]HX\\H\X\˂[[H\\XX[H[]\[ۙHš\Y[[Y[H\YX\]\X[\Y[[ۈ[Y\[\[ Y[X\وH\]H][[\\BوZ\[YH[[\HY]]\Y[H\HY][[X][H]\[YX\[[][\\[ۈ[\HH[[\HYYHX\ۈHܚY\\\[ۈ[HZY[[\\][[\[\]\HܙX]Bܝ[B܈H]Y\œ]X[]Hٝ\YBZ\H‚