Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 14

Treasurer’s Report have held the Office of Treasurer. I now pass that batten on to the incoming treasurer. The Audited Financial Reports for the year ended 30th June 2014 for the Fitzroy Learning Network are included in the Annual Report. Scott Thornton, who is sadly no longer with us, led me through the maze of FLN’s record keeping processes and oversaw the beginnings of our transition to running our accounts independently of The Brotherhood of St Lawrence. Vasco Tanevski took over this work and completed that transition with the support of one of our long standing volunteers, Suzanne Findlay. I extend a special thanks to Suzanne for her contribution to the Finance Committee and office management over the last four years. I’d also like to acknowledge the contribution of Rouba Al Marsi who stepped into the breach as interim finance officer earlier this year when Vasco needed to take time away from the position. Fitzroy Learning Network posted a $75,000 surplus for the 2014 Financial Year compared to a $10,870 deficit for the previous year. Although some of this surplus is attributable to delayed income for 2013, it remains a very good result. On behalf of the Board I thank all our funding bodies and private donors for their ongoing support. It is due to their generous support that we are able to offer our programs and services to the community. The Budget for 2015 is well within the margins of manageability over the course of the next few months and with more solid work on obtaining much needed resources we expect the FLN to be sustainable into the future. I’m sure the year ahead will be another good one for FLN and I look forward to offering my support in alternative ways to being Treasurer. I wish to extend my thanks to The Board, Finance Committee members and management for their support over the last four years that I Keren Dattner Statement of Changes in Equity For the Year Ended 30 June 2014 Accumulated Funds $ Balance at 1 July 2012 174,339 Total comprehensive income/ (loss) for the period (10,870) Balance at 30 June 2013 163,469 Balance at 1 July 2013 163,469 Total comprehensive income/ (loss) for the period Balance at 30 June 2014 75,406 238,875 12 On behalf of Board I th the an all our fun k di bodies an ng d donors for private th ongoing sup eir port