Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 13

Career to College (C2C) Program Clubhouse members Amina Basher (18) and Ror Akot (17) were assisted to apply for Intel Computer Clubhouse Network STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) scholarships. Clubhouse member Fatima Nazari (14) was assisted to apply for a placement at Gilmore Girls College in Melbourne. Workplace visits to Pozible and Salsa Digital also occurred. ining at the cipients for tra d re embers awar FLN young m ience, Boston, Museum of Sc MA. 2014 Scholarships to study in the USA this year were granted to Nakier Chol, 14, Achol Lueth, 16, and Majak Bol, 14. This team went for a full weeks training to Boston, in July. Will Deng, 19, was granted a full basketball scholarship to an American College in Nebraska and he left for the USA in September this year. Three Clubhouse members were assisted to successfully attain part-time employment – Guled Abdulwasi (19), Douaj Chol (17) and Nyuol Bol (17). Clubhouse members assisted to photograph and document two local community events – Fitzroy Learning Network’s End of Year Annual Celebration and Yarra Youth Services Block Party. Volunteer Program Report Volunteers are an integral part of the FLN and we would not be able to do the work we do without the contribution of the very many good people who offer to support our work. We continue to have volunteers come daily to support teachers in their classrooms, administration staff and where appropriate the work of the Refugee Support Worker. A large part of our volunteering program has been under review this year as we assessed the delivery of the community networking program and adult study support to ensure that these were operating in the best possible way. We are in the process of recruiting a new Volunteer Coordinator who will be managing the roll out of our revamped program n the new Year. Chris Pierso n from Foun 11 dation Hou se delivers a worksho p to prospe ctive volunt eers