Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 12

Computer Clubhouse The success of the program is in large part possible due to the generous support of our sponsors. The Computer Clubhouse echoes what we are very proud to continue delivering - education programs supported by a range of services and a holistic approach which enables people to develop skills for living and working in Melbourne. Best practices for networking and ensuring community consultation represents the strengths, aspirations and needs of Fitzroy’s communities. Our local area is comprised of a great diversity of people who strive for connectedness, respect and integrity in their lives. Currently we have over 190 young members, 50% of whom are female. Average age is between 13-18 and we operate with 3 Coordinators and over 12 mentoring sessions per week. Total hours for mentoring are over 1380. come members r twenty from ove cultural different nds backgrou This overview of the Computer Clubhouse details activities, statistics, projects, partnerships and achievements over the period from January 2013 to now. Samples of digital media projects from Computer Clubhouse members has also been compiled on our YouTube channel – Our programs include Career to College (C2C) Program, workplace visits to Intel, St Vincent’s Hospital, and Landers & Rogers Law Firm. General projects and activities have included the Adobe Youth Voices - an Adobe Premiere Editing Workshop series ran for one school term on Monday evenings. Six of our members participated in these workshops and we are in the process of including more members. Introduction to Makey Makey and Scratch – the CCH has recently acquired three Makey Makey circuit boards and Clubhouse members are learning how to use circuitry principles and coding language to make everyday objects interact with the computer. Participants include Laila Kakar (14), Massood Kakar (19), Awis Kakar (16), Vincent Emmanuel (10), Ibrahim Ibrahim (8), Jean Bosco (8), Guled Abdulwasi (19), Shayma Basher (12) and Nyapal Chol (13). Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse members come from over 20 different cultural backgrounds and work with volunteer adult mentors to explore their own ideas, develop skills and build self confidence through the use of technology. The Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse program is a daily program delivered by Fitzroy Learning Network in partnership with Intel Computer Clubhouse Network. We are the first of three Clubhouses in Australia, of a network of 100 Computer Clubhouses across 20 countries. The Computer Clubhouse program is a project of Boston’s Museum of Science in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Laboratory. The Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse program acknowledges and appreciates the financial support provided by Portland House Foundation. Introduction to Animation – Clubhouse members have been learning the basics of stop-motion animation. Clubhouse members have used a variety of mediums including coffee, lollies, scrabble letters and drawing on a whiteboard to produce animated short videos. Participants include Reith Wehtniak (11), Athena Maude-Macpherson (13), Vincent Emmanuel (10), Majak Bol (14) and Ayel Akot (19). Our Partnership with community Members of Atherton Gardens Youth and Children Networking Group is relevant to our work. “Youth Voices” program delivered in partnership with Brotherhood of St Laurence’s EMC (Chenai Mupotsa), New Hope Foundation (Elissa Sacks) and Artful Dodger’s artistfilmmaker (Carol Cumming) are also significant. Achievements Clubhouse member Ror Akot (16) won 3rd prize for his music video clip “Live Your Life Right” at the Refugee Week film competition. A collaborative Clubhouse film project (“Hope”) won 2nd prize at the Refugee Week film competition. Clubhouse members Achol Manyiel (15), Massood Kakar (18), Awis Kakar (16), Laila Kakar (12) and Nakier Chol (14) were involved in this project. 10