Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 11

Refugee Support From September to the present, my primary responsibilities continue to be case management for some of FLN’s members. The level of case management I provide can be categorised into three levels depending on the nature of the enquiry and the background of the member. claims/contention, Car insurance claims and visa (spousal/children/humanitarian) applications**. It also includes Pregnant mothers - requiring housing, Centrelink payments, medical appointments Level 1: Intensive Case Management This level of Case Management usually involves referring members to other services, calling external stakeholders to assist members to make appointments, assist with Centrelink forms, or actively listening to members who experience isolation and are in need to talk to someone. This group usually are trying to cope with concerns that require my assistance. Level 3: Light Case Management This level of Case Management is reserved for members who are experiencing difficulties leading an autonomous life in Australia. These difficulties range from limited English speaking skills to mental health complications. For these members, I assist with filling-out Centrelink forms; obtaining documents for visa applications, liaise with external stakeholders, following up on ongoing enquiries and assess further links to meet the needs. As these members experience significant psychological barriers, I meet with them weekly, sometimes several times a week for up to 2 hours each session and sometimes even more time. During the coming year we will be developing more effective ways of connecting our members with the professional support they need. We are also pl [[][H[HوܚۈX[[Y[X]\][\\\Y[X\š[XZ[[ܙH[\[[[ۙY[[X[[]X[H^H^H][Y[\Y\˂Y[Y[X\[[\ܛ\[YB][\]Z[Y\Y[X\^\Y[[ܝ\H[][XH\Y\H]]Y][ۂۘ\\H\X][ۈۘ\[ ܈]BYۚYX[\\[ۋ[Y]Kۚ]]H\Y\˂\Z[H\[BNH[[܈Z[H[Y[[[[[XXH›\Y[X\ˈY^H\[ܛHYHوZ\YX[Y\]\]Z\\ܙ][ۋ[Y[X\\H\[H]\H]Hٙ\[ۘ[]X[YX][ۜ[H\XHو[[[܈XK܈HYZ[Y[[]Z\Y\^H\H[]\H]Hٙ\[ۘ[]X[YX][ۜ\HY[X][ۙ\\YܙHB[Hܚ[ۈHܙX][ۈوH[ܙHYX]HY\[\˂][ YY][H\HX[Y[Y[\][و\HX[Y[Y[\\\Y܂Y[X\\H^\Y[[[[YYX]HYX[Y\]YZۙ[YZH\[Y[ˈ\BY[X\HX^HYY]]]\HYZ܈ۘBH[۝ ]\Y\[Z\ۘ\\\X[H[YHۜ[Z[[\]Z\\]\[\˂HݚYHZYܘ][ۈYXH[Y[\H[ܛHY[X\YZHZYܘ][ۈY[[ XZ]PY\[Z\[[ZYܘ][ۈ\ˈH\\ۈH[ܙHXX[][ H^Z[[œ]Y\[ۜۈHܛK\H^HYYYۋXZH\H[]Y\[ۜ\H[Y[^H]H[\]Z\Y[ˈ\œ]Y][\HH\\][[]HZYܘ][ۈY[ XZ]PۈZ\Z[Y]]ܚ\YHZYܘ][ۈY[ Y[X\[[\ܛ\[YHB]H\Y\[][Y\XX\K\[‚B