Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 10

Adult Education Report We have had some disruption this year with a turnover in teaching staff. Some staff have gone on to better opportunities of full time, permanent teaching work, while others have decided that they needed a change after many years of dedicated service. Their professionalism is duly noted and the great contributions each of them has made to FLN is acknowledged and appreciated. Fitzroy Learning Network aims to meet both the English as an Additional Language and Foundation Skill development needs of the local community. Through the delivery of our accredited and non-accredited training FLN has successfully provided relevant training to an increasing number of clients throughout 2014. One strategy that has enabled more effective participation by community members has been a change in our class timetables. By increasing the daily tuition from 3 hours to 4 hours per day, has made our AMEP clients eligible for fully funded childcare. The number of AMEP clients participating in FLN programs has increased from 7 in June, to 15 in October this year. A turn over in teaching staff also means that new staff have been engaged and to each and every current teacher we have at FLN, I would like to acknowledge and thank them for their fantastic efforts in rising to the challenges that have come FLN’s way in 2014. Thank you to one and all. FLN is currently delivering 4 Certificates in Spoken and Written English classes, 2 computer classes, a Reading Group, the new English for Employment class, a Sewing Group and a program for refugees ‘English for All’ is run 3 days a week. FLN has applied to have the Certificate III in Spoken and Written English added to our Scope of Registration. This will add an existing dimension to our suite of programs for 2015 as we will be able to provide more learning options and employment pathways for greater numbers of adult learners from our local community. Both internally and externally, next year looks to be shaping up to be an exciting one as the formation of new relationships, networking and collaboration opportunities come our way. next year to be sha looks up to be ping exciting onan e Adult Computer Class Anjali Dhaka, leads a computer class for adults. Gaining computer literacy skills is essential to access work and study in Australia. Over the last six years Anjali has trained many residents and FLN students. Some need basic guidance to learning software while others work in more advanced programs. During the last quarter the scope for this program increased to include an advanced level. Its development continues and January next year will be able to have more work done in areas that need further development and growth. The Computer Class next year will increase its intake and we are currently working together to address software needs to be able to provide appropriate response to this unit. Due to our local residents demands this course will expand its work hours during next year. 8 Kathryn Williamson