Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report - Page 3

Mission To open doors in our community by providing opportunities for learning and skills development, providing practical support and a welcoming environment. Vision A community where people feel included and empowered. Values We embrace these values as guiding principles. We hold ourselves and each other responsible for supporting and demonstrating these values in our daily tasks, decisions and interactions. Compassion n To care for others, without judgement. Collaboration and Openness n To encourage and support teamwork. work in partnership with staff, volunteers, students, other agencies and organisations. n  To acknowledge our role and expertise and the role and expertise of others in achieving shared goals. n To review, measure and report on organisational performance. n To communicate clearly, be prepared to listen. n  To Respect n  To treat all people fairly and with respect. seek different perspectives and approaches and show consideration for each others’ ideas and contributions. n  To be honest, sincere and able to be trusted. n To provide and accept feedback constructively. n  To Learning n  To acknowledge learning as a two-way process, encourage progression, evolution and independence. n  To acknowledge and celebrate our successes and learn from mistakes. Safety and Security n  To improve the future prospects of staff, members and their families by providing a safe and secure physical, learning and social environment that encourages creativity and the ability to experiment by taking reasonable risks and without negative consequences if those experiments fail. Integrity n To live our shared values. take responsibility, make decisions and implement them. n  To be accountable for one’s own actions and get the job done. n  To Fitzroy Learning Network Annual Report 2011/12 1